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World’s First New Type Eco Friendly Honeycomb Inner Pads – Versafill


Space Savings


Certifications And Testing


Honeycomb holes for shape matching

What is Versafill

Versafill, Inspired by nature, a world-first innovation of honeycomb flexible paper pad, infused with geometric grace, the design seamlessly blends material science with the elegance of mechanics and structure. It bends the rules of traditional packaging, honoring the form of the product. Regardless of the product’s form, Versafill can flexibly match it. As soon as the product is inserted, it will tightly secure it according to its shape. Meantime Versafill uses 100% eco-friendly paper, pioneering a green revolution in packaging and delivery.

Product Feature

Overturning tradition, breakthrough innovation – Four stunning Benifits


Cost Effective

This material stands out with a price advantage over traditional liners such as EVA and EPE. And its unique foldable and stretchable design saves up to 85% in shipping and storage space, significantly reducing freight costs as well.



Diverse product forms are perfectly suited by Versafill. Upon being placed in Versafill will tightly secure the product according to its shape.


Secure And Stable

The honeycomb-shaped design enhances stability and secures the product effectively, having passed numerous rigorous drop tests and high-impact tests.



Versafill pad is made with 100% paper pulp recyclable materials, it satisfies both customer and transport, significantly reduced the environmental impact of packaging materials.

Our Application

This product has been launched by P&G and has already been incorporated into their product line

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CCTV Report

Recommended By China’s Official Television

What Clients Say

Innovative and creative design
Excellent product protection
Neat and aesthetic arrangement
Enhanced unboxing experience
Eco-friendly and easily recyclable

John Smith


It hurts to see so much trash that can’t break down. It’s not only up to businesses to use green materials; it’s on all of us who live on Earth.

Annie Bennett

Cosmetic salesman

Better than photos and prettier in hand, tightly secure my products

Jack Park

Packaging Purchasing Specialist

Much more affordable compared to other packaging materials, and beauty on a budget.

Sarah Miller

Packaging Structure Designer

This is a game-changing innovation in packaging.