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KALI Luxury Round Paper Boxes - Cheap & Customizable Round Box Packaging
Buy KALI's round box packaging, the perfect solution for your skincare, food, and makeup needs. Made with high-quality paper, our cheap cylinder-shaped packaging guarantees to keep your products safe while giving them a stylish touch. The unique shape of the box adds a luxurious feel to your brand and is perfect for gift packaging. Our round box packaging is versatile and can be used for various products. It is an excellent option for those looking for eco-friendly packaging solutions. Get your hands on KALI's round box packaging now and give your products the ultimate packaging they deserve.
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Most Popular Round Box & Cylinder Styles

Looking for elegant and functional packaging to showcase your products? Look no further than our cost-effective round tube box packaging!


Introducing Our Luxury Round Box Designs

Designed to provide a unique and eye-catching way to present your products. Available in a range of sizes and colors, our round tube box packaging is fully customizable to match your branding and design needs. 

Paper Tube

Covered Paper Tube

Paper Tube With Ring Pull/Tin/Wood Lid

Paper Tube With Plastic Lid

Why People Prefer Us

Provide professional packaging support and guidance

Free design & Free Mock Up Review

need to provide

  • Structure and dimensions of the box
  • Important design elements such as LOGO, color tone requirements, related pictures, etc.
  • Design intent or reference style

Cost-Effective And Quality Assurance

  • Our product offers exceptional quality at a highly competitive price. Positive customer feedback attests to the high quality of our product. Additionally, we provide excellent post-sales service and added value to ensure customer satisfaction. Choose our product for the best combination of high quality and competitive pricing.
  • As a business, we proudly offer a 365-day quality guarantee on our products. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality items that meet their expectations. We prioritize customer satisfaction and aim to exceed your expectations with our reliable and durable products.

Anti-Collision Shipping Packaging

  • The inner six sides of the corrugated box are thickened with 0.5cm pearl cotton.
  • In order to enhance product safety, the inner carton can be filled with pitted cardboard on each layer, and then the outer carton can be covered for double-layer protection, or the inner carton can be added with a pitted paper knife card to protect each product.
  • Corner protection on the four sides of the corrugated box.
  • The products are packed in cartons and palletized, which can ensure the safety of product transportation to the greatest extent. Corrugated boxes need K=K+160 grams to strengthen the core pit board material.

Real-Time Video And Photo For Production

During the production process, we will keep in close contact with customers,and report the production progress at any time in the form of real-time video and photos.

Monthly New Design Release

Discover the latest and most innovative designs with our Monthly New Design Release. Each month, we bring you fresh, trendsetting design of paper boxes.

Professional Team

Years of experience team to help you customize round boxes to upgrade your products

Our group of quality inspection team meticulously oversees every process detail to ensure the box's quality meets the standards.

A business team with over 10 years of packaging industry experience is here to provide you with professional advice to help you avoid pitfall.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can free samples be provided to customers?

Products in our company's existing stock can provide samples for free

Do you need to charge the sample fee?

Charge according to specific proofing requirements

The first gradient is white sample

The second gradient is a color sample

The third gradient is that boxes with special process surface treatment need to be quoted according to customer needs.

How long is the proofing cycle?

3-5 days for white sample, 5-8 days for color sample.

Can you design the packaging box for customers?

yes and free.

How long is the design cycle?

Usually 3-7 days

What information do you need to provide for the design?

1. Structure and dimensions of the box

2. Important design elements such as LOGO, color tone requirements, related pictures, etc.

3. Design intent or reference style

If there is a problem with product quality,what complaint basis should the customer provide?

To provide clear videos and photos of products with quality problems at the same time,fill in our product quality complaint report,and our quality control department will respond within 24 hours.And within 365 days after delivery,if there is a verified quality problem,we will give corresponding compensation