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  • Lithography Process: 10 Steps Of Making Photo Etching Printing
    Published by box-wcy May 17, 2022
    Lithography (optical exposure) refers to the process of irradiating light with a specific wavelength to transfer the graphics on the mask to the photoresist. Optical exposure is a complex physical and chemical process, which has the characteristics of large area, good repeatability, easy operation, and low cost. It is the core step of the semiconductor device and large-scale integrated circuit manufacturing. Here, we focused on the 10 steps of the photo etching printing process. What Is Lithography (Photo Etching) Process? 1. Substrate ......
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  • Best Packaging Strategy: 17 Strategies For Successful Packaging
    Published by box-wcy May 14, 2022
    The packaging strategy is that the enterprise uses the same pattern, similar color, the same packaging material, and the same shape to package its products, to facilitate customers to identify their products. For customers loyal to the enterprise, similar packaging undoubtedly plays a role in promotion, and the enterprise can also save the cost of packaging design and production. However, similar packaging strategies can only be suitable for products with the same quality, and should not be used for products with large variety differences......
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  • Classification and Introduction of Packaging Structures & Materials
    Published by box-wcy May 14, 2022
    The packaging structure of commodities has many styles. On the one hand, the formation of packaging structure is based on the needs of commodities for packaging, including protective needs, sales needs, and display needs; On the other hand, it is also based on the characteristics of packaging materials, including their applicability and plasticity. Common packaging structures are divided into nine categories, and common packaging materials are divided into six categories. Next, let’s learn about them: Classification and Introductio......
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  • How To Save Costs Of You Packaging – Budget Packaging Guide
    Published by box-wcy May 12, 2022
    Budgeting for packaging involves a wide range of considerations, many of which can be reduced by streamlining the present process. Setting a budget for a project like this is challenging, since no two companies are the same, and what works best for your packaging line may not work for anyone else in your industry. To maximize your potential for packaging cost reductions, you may need to go outside the box from time to time. Budgets are heavily influenced by your choice of collaborators and the timing of their arrival. Multilayer film, bin......
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  • Top 5 Eco-friendly Food Packaging Ideas for Your Desserts will Boost Your Food Sales
    Published by box-yl May 11, 2022
    You have already decided to start your dessert and jelly business to sell, but you still do not know how to pack your desserts to sell them in an environmentally friendly way. Keep reading and know 5 ecological ideas to make it and sell your desserts successfully. Heart Shaped Chocolate Candy Gift Boxes Top 5 Eco-friendly Food Packaging Ideas will Boost Your Dessert Sales The way you package your desserts and jellies to sell will directly influence the opinion of a customer. This is why we will give you 5 ecological ideas to pack your pre......
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  • Top 10 Creative Eco-Friendly Packaging Ideas To Save Energy and Keep Green
    Published by box-yl May 11, 2022
    Sustainability and eco-friendly packaging are things that seem to bring out the best in designers. From sports shoes to wine, at Luxury-Paper-Box.Com, a professional paper packaging company, we present the most innovative and ecological packaging ideas that will love and hopefully soon be widely used worldwide.   Top 10 Most Creative Ecological Packaging Ideas Benefit Your Business & Environment Plastic was a great solution when it was invented in 1860. But at the time no one imagined that it would become a gigantic ecological problem......
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  • Eco-friendly Packaging Box Structure Design Ideas
    Published by box-yl April 26, 2022
    As companies accelerate their efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), an increasing number of companies are reviewing and improving packages. Not only the replacement or improvement of materials, but also the structural design of the packaging box can achieve a more environmentally friendly effect. In this guide, we will break down some Eco-friendly Packaging Box Structure Design Ideas.   How To Make Your Packaging More Environmentally Friendly in Structure? How To Design Your Packaging Box Structure in More Env......
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