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  • How To Assemble (Build) Folding Boxes in Different Structures?
    Published by box-yl October 22, 2021
    Sometimes it is more difficult than expected to assemble the flat-lying boxes. We can empathize with this and have therefore decided to develop instructions for our most demanding folding boxes, with the help of which you can quickly hold your assembled box in your hands. This post provides you with simple folding box guides that will guide you to your destination with ease. Folding Box Structure in Bag Box Structure The folding box instructions of the bag box guide guide you to the finished box in seven steps. It should be noted that the......
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  • Best Cosmetic Packaging Ideas 2021 – Sustainable And Recyclable Cosmetic Box Design Ideas
    Published by box-wcy October 20, 2021
    Nowadays, recyclable, sustainable, or other innovative cosmetic packaging are increasingly asking for it. How to look for these sustainable and recyclable choices? At luxurypaperbox.com, we want to go through the best cosmetic box packaging innovations 2021 with you. We’re seeing some great innovations from multiple suppliers around the world, we’re also seeing some innovations in the area of refillable cosmetic packaging, and we’re also seeing some larger brands, in particular, make a recycling packaging commitment wit......
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  • Best Sunglasses Packaging Box Design Ideas
    Published by box-yl October 13, 2021
    Customizing sunglasses packaging can be tricky. Because the appearance and shape of sunglasses are very unique, and they are fragile products that need to be carried with you. Therefore, the packaging box not only needs a super strong protection function but also should be easy to open and close and convenient to carry around in its design. Below, Luxury-Paper-Box.Com will introduce to you several different styles of sunglasses packaging boxes. Sunglasses Packaging Box Foldable Flip Box The clamshell box is a very classic style of glasses......
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  • Main Types of Custom Packaging Boxes with Lids
    Published by box-yl October 13, 2021
    If you want to buy a packaging box or are looking for a gift box or folding box, sooner or later you will have to clarify the question: Which lid may it be for which cardboard box with a lid? Beautiful boxes can be found in our assortment in large numbers. Depending on the product and purpose, a different variant is suitable. Here we present the various boxes with lids in detail.   Boxes with Hinged Lids (Foldable Hinged Boxes) Hinged boxes are the typical “treasure chests” where the lid opens up like a treasure chest. This op......
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  • Top 10 Best Type Settings And Compositions In Packaging Box Design 2021
    Published by box-wcy October 13, 2021
    With the continuous improvement of packaging box printing technology and the continuous renewal of printing materials, gift packaging box plays an important role in gift production and sales. In the design of packaging boxes, a good design idea is essential, among which digital composition is the most important. It involves the design and matching of pictures, words, and colors. At present, the composition of packaging boxes can be roughly divided into different categories. Next, we are going to show you the top 10 best type settings and ......
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  • 10 Best Ideas To Reuse Packaging – Sustainable Packaging Trends In 2021
    Published by box-wcy October 9, 2021
    The circular economy is about recycling everything really well, right? Well, no. You have certainly heard about the reduce-reuse-recycle. Today we are talking about reusing things and avoiding single-use packaging. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation put together a great book with 69 examples of reuse solutions. And we will walk you through the 10 best ideas to reuse packaging in 2021. This book starts with a nice framework to look at how we can reuse packaging and breaks it down into 4 categories: packaging we can refill at home, refill on t......
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  • What’s The Future Development Of Packaging – Luxurypaperbox
    Published by box-wcy October 8, 2021
    How packaging will change? Packaging is very ubiquitous, it touches almost every person on the planet. It affects things that human beings need to survive, including food, health care, personal care, and all of that is packaged. Today, none of that has a lot of intelligence, but there are real concerns with a lot of those products. There’s a concern of spoilage, there are concerns of authenticity, there are concerns of origin and where is this coming from. In this article, we are going to talk about the future development of the pac......
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