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  • Characteristics of 11 Plastic Films For Packaging Bags
    Published by box-wcy September 26, 2022
    As a printing material, plastic film, as a packaging bag after printing, has the advantages of lightness and transparency, moisture and oxygen resistance, good air tightness, toughness and folding resistance, smooth surface, protection of goods, and reproduction of the shape and color of goods. With the development of petrochemical industry, there are more and more varieties of plastic films. Common plastic films include polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polystyrene (PS), polyester film (PET), polypropylene (PP), nylon (PA), et......
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  • Best Tea Packaging Design 2022 – Top 10 Most Popular Design Ideas China
    Published by box-wcy September 26, 2022
    Do you want to see the design ideas of the products? Today we have collected some award-winning works about tea packaging design, hoping to give you some inspiration. Compared with the tea packaging we usually enjoy, the highlight of these award-winning works is that they all focus on the essential characteristics of “tea” and maximize the packaging advantages in combination with traditional Chinese cultural elements.  Let’s see the multiple possibilities of product packaging. Of course, excellent award-winning works are......
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  • Chinse Makeup History – Origin And Development Of Chinese Makeup
    Published by box-wcy August 9, 2022
    The Chinese nation has a long history of 5000 years. When did makeup come into being? Today, we will give you a detailed analysis of the origin and development of Chinese makeup and an overview of the evolutionary history of Chinese makeup. It is difficult to fully explain the origin of makeup with only one theory. The dominant culture of each social period is different, and its origins are also different. There have been four theories: insect repellent theory, hunting theory, witchcraft theory and sexual attraction theory. The Evolutio......
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  • E-Cigarette Packaging Requirements In France – Quality Requirements Of E-Cigarette Products
    Published by box-wcy July 12, 2022
      As early as August 2016, France successively promulgated decrees 2016-1117 and 2016-1139 on the requirements for the manufacture, display, sale, and use of tobacco products, e-cigarettes, and smoking herbal products, transforming the EU TPD directive into part of its national public health law. With the normalization of the law enforcement process, in order to clarify the regulatory requirements, the official website of the General Administration of competition, consumption and anti-fraud (DGCCRF) provides a more detailed descripti......
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  • Besides PLA, What Other Biodegradable Plastic Bag Materials Are There
    Published by box-wcy July 8, 2022
    The white pollution of the environment caused by traditional plastic bags is becoming more and more serious. With the continuous improvement of people’s awareness of environmental protection, degradable plastic bags, PLA fully biodegradable plastic bags, fully degradable plastic bags, and various new degradable material plastic bags have come out one after another. Today, let’s talk about the most representative biodegradable plastic bag materials. What is biodegradable plastic bag? Biodegradable packaging refer to the degra......
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  • What Is Degradable Plastic Degraded Into
    Published by box-wcy July 8, 2022
    If “degradable” is viewed as an absolute word, all sorts of plastics may generally deteriorate in some ways in a long or short period of time and in particular situations. Therefore, the idea of “degradable” without rigorous definition cannot describe the time, mode, and environment necessary for plastic disintegration, and how many poisonous and dangerous compounds would be formed in the degradation process. We will tell you what is degradable plastic degraded into. To make this conversation relevant, we need to u......
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  • New Environmentally Friendly Packaging Has Become The First Choice
    Published by box-wcy July 8, 2022
    Beautiful packing bags will eventually become a burden in our life. Because most of these packaging materials contain polymer compounds such as polystyrene, polypropylene, and polyvinyl chloride, they are difficult to break down. According to the report, 7 percent of home garbage is packed with waste plastic roughly, 190000 tons every year. The problem of “white pollution” of discarded plastics is growing more and more serious. The state has issued a plastic prohibition order, and it is time to fix it. In reality, how to redu......
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