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  • High-recommend Paper Box Supplier
    Published by Julia October 23, 2020
    High-recommend Paper Box Supplier As a buyer, we always have a lot of trouble finding quality suppliers. In addition to quality products, buyers also want to get from suppliers: reliable partners, long-term partnerships, and sincere corporation.  Quality of rigid paper boxes are rather spotty                                                  In recent years, the ......
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  • What eyeshadow palette should I get?
    Published by Julia October 23, 2020
    1. Beauty Creations Butterfly 15-hole Eyeshadow palette   Similar empty eyeshadow palette,please click large cosmetic eye shadow palette   As the cheap alternative to the same series of eye shadow palette, low-key temperament earth color, it is suitable for daily makeup needs, using classic colors, although more moderate, can be low-key, temperament, also suitable for newcomers just learning glitter & matte eyeshadow makeup       2. Blam 9-hole eyeshadow palette ......
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  • How to make popular eyeshadow palettes?
    Published by Julia October 23, 2020
    Buy eyeshadow refillls packaging now 2.The Blank One As each design just for one customer, we make a square shape, flip top with magnetic closure, pure white eyeshadow palette for our customers to creative their own design. The standard size of the palette is 13cm length* 13cm wide* 2cm height, and the diameter of the cavities is 26mm. Some customers love to keep it simple and just add their logo on it; some customers like to make it more colorful. The most important thing for us is to keep the qual......
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  • How to choose the packaging box?
    Published by Julia October 23, 2020
    Packaging materials refer to manufacture different kinds of package like glass?plastic bottle and meet the packaging requirements of the products. They are the basic factor for the goods’package. Realizing and mastering the different type of packaging materials, then select rationally is one of the important conditions for packaging design. The choice of materials is very important in the packaging design. ? Whether it is set an appropriate market location Choose the right packaging material from the grade of the......
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  • Creative Packaging Design Companies
    Published by Julia October 23, 2020
    Exquisite appearance, personalized style, innovative design, in consumers’ eyes, only have unlimited creative ideas, no permanent classics. When the content difference is getting smaller and smaller, “face score” becomes more and more important, especially this “looking” generation. “Face score” determines the first impression, and promotes the productivity. People who drink coffee every day will buy a sack of tea because of the good-looking packaging; Girls who like ......
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  • Why use eco friendly packaging?
    Published by Julia October 23, 2020
    In the 21st century, as society advances, people’s quality of life is improving, the packaging requirements for product packaging are getting higher and higher. Not only requiring the packaging of goods to be beautiful, economical, practical, but also gradually need to make sure their product meet the requirements of environmental  protection. Although in recent years, many merchants have begun to realize this problem. What is eco friendly packaging? In general, green packaging should have t......
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  • Top 5 Popular Paper Package Boxes For Your Branding
    Published by Julia October 23, 2020
    Do you know how many types of box shape? Nowadays, People’s demand for living standard is getting higher and higher. The fashionable and simple & elegant gift boxes gradually come into  our sight and  attract their attention. Let’s introduce several combining forms of gift boxes 1. Base And Lid Type 2. Clear Window Type  3. Bayonet Type  This box type is usually printed with white cardboard, fold it out after die cut, simple structure, generally used for inner box and simple gift......
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