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  • How To Choose Best Box Packaging Types To Start Your Business 2021
    Published by box-wcy March 3, 2021
    Packaging plays an important role in the sales of products. Compared with the past few years, packaging materials have not changed much. Due to the variety of bags and boxes available in the market, it is often difficult to choose the most suitable box packaging for your product. Let’s look at some of the best packaging types in 2021 that can be used to promote your product and enhance the customer experience, in order to start your business successfully. How To Choose Best Box Packaging Types To Start Your Business In 2020 Carto......
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  • Top 5 Main Advantages of Paper Food Gift Boxes
    Published by box-yl February 28, 2021
    When the consumer is shopping, the food packaging box can decide whether the consumer will put it in the shopping cart. The importance of food packaging boxes is not only because it can protect the safety of food, but it can also subtly influence consumers’ purchasing decisions. After the paper was invented a long time, it was mainly used for writing and painting. With the change of the times and the advancement of technology, the use of paper has also begun to be widely used for packaging food, and it continues to this day. And in ......
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  • How To Build A Chocolate Gift Boxes | Custom Chocolate Packaging Box Design Tips
    Published by box-yl February 26, 2021
    The food industry is one of the most competitive industries, especially chocolate products. Every retail store sells various brands of chocolate. To stand out from the crowd, the most important thing is to customize eye-catching chocolate packaging boxes to attract consumers’ attention. An excellent food packaging box should be designed around the brand culture to help improve the brand image and increase loyal customers. How To Build (Create) Chocolate Gift Boxes? The chocolate box can be customized into various shapes and sizes, ......
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  • What Is The Advantage Of Paper Box & Bag Packaging?
    Published by box-wcy February 24, 2021
    The four pillars of modern packaging are paper, plastic, metal and glass. What people advocate is environment-friendly consumption. Reusing resources can not only reduce the consumption of resources, but also achieve the goal of economic development and environmental protection. Therefore, even in the fierce competition of packaging materials, especially under the strong impact of plastic packaging materials, paper packaging materials are still valued by people, and constantly develop new products. It can be predicted that, whether now or......
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  • What Are The Materials Of Packing Cartons?
    Published by box-wcy February 24, 2021
    With the development of global packaging industry and logistics industry, the requirements for the quality of packaging carton are higher and higher, especially for the long-distance transportation of packaging carton, the cases such as poor printing effect caused by the warpage of paperboard, moisture absorption and softening, product damage or scrap caused by the opening of glue, the return of goods, claim and so on occur from time to time. It can be seen that the quality of the packaging carton is very important for the packaging logis......
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  • What Do You Know About Packaging Printing – Printing Working Principles, Characterists And More
    Published by box-wcy February 23, 2021
    The box packaging is the continuation of the commodity production process in the circulation process and is an indispensable condition for the commodity to enter the circulation and consumption field.  Decorative patterns, patterns, or words are printed on the packaging to make the product more attractive or more illustrative, so as to promote the product. Including the printing of eyeshadow palette, mailer box, chocolate box and more. Packaging printing occupies a large proportion in the printing industry and packaging industry, which is......
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  • How To Choose The Right Corrugated Box & How To Customize Mailer Box Packaging For Ecommerce
    Published by box-wcy February 23, 2021
    If you just started your business, need corrugate shipping box packaging to pack your beautiful products, but you have no ideas where to start with. This article talks about all the different types of corrugated box styles, furthermore, you need to know all the steps to custom e-commerce mailer box packaging for your products. How To Choose The Right Corrugated Box? There’s no denying that there are hundreds of different box styles you could choose to pack your products in the current market. But in general, they fall into two basic cate......
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