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  • Praises From The Client
    Published by Julia October 27, 2020
      cause he was not satisfied with the packaging box quality from   his local supplier,as well as their service.  And he was worrying    whether we can find the same quality and color material, cause   they were using for all their products all the time, he was not    willing to change it. angel edge     After shipment, we got the satisfaction letter as below,
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  • How to make a paper box
    Published by Julia October 27, 2020
    Edilyn is a pretty and smart girl. She is doing makeup business.  She visited us at a cosmetic show looking for a special packaging box for her eyelash.  Like she said, she want her customers to be surprised while opening the box, and the product display effect should be very visual.  In this case we suggested to create a personalized plastic mask first, then design the box according to the mask.
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  • How We Help The Clients
    Published by Julia October 27, 2020
    Now we are keeping very good friendship and business relationship all the time. CUSTOMER FEEDBACK:
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  • An Interesting Client
    Published by Julia October 27, 2020
    KALI is their most important strategic supplier partner to make them succeed.    
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