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KALI Perfume Packaging Box - High Quality, Customizable, and Attractive Fragrance Packaging
KALI Custom Perfume Packaging Box, the ultimate solution for your fragrance product packaging needs. This premium quality box is designed to elevate the appeal of your perfume with its sleek and stylish design, ensuring that your product stands out among the competition. Made from high-quality materials, this box is durable and sturdy, protecting your perfume from damage during shipping and handling. Our Perfume Packaging is perfect for those who want their product to exude luxury and sophistication, and it's ideal for gift-giving as well. Don't settle for mediocre packaging - upgrade to the Perfume Packaging Box today and experience the difference in quality and presentation. Order now and give your perfume the packaging it deserves!
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Most Popular Perfume Box Styles

Introducing our new line of recommended perfume packaging styles that will take your fragrance product to the next level.

Showcase Of Our Original Designs

Introducing our new line of recommended perfume packaging styles that will take your fragrance product to the next level.

Exploring Shape Of Perfume Box

Introducing our new line of recommended perfume packaging styles that will take your fragrance product to the next level.

Double Openning
Drawer Box
Lid And Bottom
Magnetic Closure
Mdf&Wooden Paper
Pop Up
Round Tube
Special Shape

Unleash the Beauty of your Perfume with Our Exquisite Perfume Packaging

Upgrade to our most creative and high end perfume packaging styles andshow off your fragrance in a way that is as luxurious as the scent itself.

Matte/Gloss Laminate

Available in gloss or matte finish.


Fast-drying coating cured with ultraviolet light. Available in gloss ormatte finishes.

Gold Foil

Gold foil is a thin sheet of gold that is laminated onto a substrate,such as paper or cardboard.

Silver Foil

Silver foil is a very thin sheet of silver, often used for decoration,gilding.

Deboss Pattern

Deboss pattern refers to a design or pattern that is pressed into a material,creating an indented or depressed surface.


Debossing and embossing are two printing techniques that create a three-dimensionaleffect on a surface.


Holographic special finish refers to a printing technique that appliesa holographic film to the surface of a printed material, such as paper or cardboard.

Laser Cutting

The process is extremely precise, with a high degree of accuracy, making it ideal for cutting intricate or complex shapes.


Why People Prefer Us

Provide professional packaging support and guidance

Free design & Free Mock Up Review

need to provide

  • Structure and dimensions of the box
  • Important design elements such as LOGO, color tone requirements, related pictures, etc.
  • Design intent or reference style

Low MOQ & Pretty Perfume Bottles For Choice

Low MOQ and beautiful perfume bottles have the following advantages:

  • Diversified choices: There are a variety of beautiful perfume bottles to choose from, which can meet individual and market needs. You can find bottles in different sizes, shapes, materials and designs to differentiate your product in the market.
  • Customizability: We provide customization options to make unique perfume bottles according to your branding and design requirements. This enables you to align with your brand image and product style, enhancing market differentiation.
  • Enhances brand image: A beautiful perfume bottle can enhance the overall brand image and appeal of a product. A well-designed bottle helps build brand recognition and grab the attention of potential consumers.

Safe And Careful Product Packaging

  • The product is packed in corrugated cartons with kraft paper, or packed in plastic bags and then packed in corrugated cartons.
  • The inner six sides of the corrugated box are thickened with 0.5cm pearl cotton.
  • In order to enhance product safety,the inner carton can be filled with pitted cardboard on each layer,and then the outer carton can be covered for double-layer protection,or the inner carton can be added with a pitted paper knife card to protect each product.
  • Corner protection on the four sides of the corrugated box.
  • The products are packed in cartons and palletized,which can ensure the safety of product transportation to the greatest extent.Corrugated boxes need K=K+160 grams to strengthen the core pit board material.

Real-Time Video And Photo For Production

During the production process,we will keep in close contact with customers,and report the production progress at any time in the form of real-time video and photos.

Monthly New Design Release

Discover the latest and most innovative designs with our Monthly New Design Release. Each month, we bring you fresh, trendsetting design of paper boxes.

View More 100+ Types

We have similiar products up to 100 types, please click to get more details below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can free samples be provided to customers?

Products in our company's existing stock can provide samples for free

Do you need to charge the sample fee?

Charge according to specific proofing requirements

The first gradient is white sample

The second gradient is a color sample

The third gradient is that boxes with special process surface treatment need to be quoted according to customer needs.

How long is the proofing cycle?

3-5 days for white sample, 5-8 days for color sample.

Can you design the packaging box for customers?

yes and free.

How long is the design cycle?

Usually 3-7 days

What information do you need to provide for the design?

1. Structure and dimensions of the box

2. Important design elements such as LOGO, color tone requirements, related pictures, etc.

3. Design intent or reference style

If there is a problem with product quality,what complaint basis should the customer provide?

To provide clear videos and photos of products with quality problems at the same time,fill in our product quality complaint report,and our quality control department will respond within 24 hours.And within 365 days after delivery,if there is a verified quality problem,we will give corresponding compensation