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  • Must Buy 8 Perfume 2024 for Men & Women – 2024 Perfume Trends
    Published by ZN April 7, 2024
    With a new year comes new fragrance trends and top scents to discover. Perfume preferences may evolve from season to season, but some scents manage to withstand the test of time and remain perennially popular. As we look ahead to 2024, several new and classic perfumes and perfume boxes are already emerging as must-buys for both men and women. Juicy Fruit -Phlur Strawberry Letter perfume: $99.00 Perfumes are often designed to convey a mood or evoke particular feelings or memories. Strawberry Letter could be intended to feel playful, ro......
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  • Custom Packaging Box Factory Direct-Supply Price
    Published by box-yl December 17, 2021
    After years of experience accumulation, KALI (Luxury-Paper-Box.Com) become the manufacturer that can produce a wide variety of good-looking packaging boxes. Most importantly, our advantage is to manufacture higher quality and complex boxes than our competitors. No matter how difficult our customers’ requirements are, we have the ability to solve them. If the customers have a high expectation of the uniqueness and quality of their packaging boxes, then you are looking for the right person. We have a lot of geniuses who have been involved......
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  • Kali Donated 200,000 For China Flood
    Published by luxury September 3, 2021
                                      In July 2021, Henan China was stricken by severe flooding.                                                                               In order to help the suffering  people, Kali donated RMB¥200,000 to the disaster......
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  • 100K disaposable mask was donated to the Dutch healtcare organisation Stichting Cordaan
    Published by luxury May 24, 2020
    In May 2020 our company Zhuhai Kali Development donated 100.000 facemask to the Dutch healtcare organisation Stichting Cordaan. Completly in line with our company policy to help when and if it is possible, our Dutch agent mr. Ronald Vriend recommend Stichting Cordaan for this donation. https://www.diemernieuws.nl/nieuws/algemeen/171964/bedrijf-schenkt-100-000-mondkapjes-aan-cordaan Stichting Cordaan offers healthcare to over 20.000 people yearly.This work is done by 5000plus workers and 2000 vollunteers.In his home city in Diemen mr. Vri......
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  • China Brand Show In Hungary 2019
    Published by Julia June 9, 2019
    This is our first time that Kali company has gone to Hungary. Because have enough time, so we decided to visite some local tourist attractions. We have to say that Hungary is really an attractive place. Many ancient ruins, the entire culture is fascinating. The reason we took part in this  China Brand show,  in oder to improve the brand’s popularity, but also to promote our latest box design for flowers. At the show, guests highly recognized the quality of our paper boxes and had long-term business relationship with many customers......
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  • Great Success in Luxury Packaging London 2018
    Published by Julia September 9, 2018
      This is Kali’s first show at London Luxury Packaging 2018 for our high-end paper boxes.    Kali Products showed at the fair were empty palette, cosmetics box, perfume box, eyelash box, chocolate box, gift box, paper bag and many others. Lots of visitors were impressed by our unique booth. They were even more impressed by our beautiful boxes.   Before the event, we’ve created many new products especially for the show. Below are some of the most  popular items at the fair.   Many customers were attracted to our boot......
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  • Invitation For London Luxury Packaging 2018
    Published by Julia August 23, 2018
             More information about 2018 Luxury Packaging London Exhibition, please click here                                                                                                                        &n......
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