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Nowadays, flowers have become a beautiful symbol in everyone’s mind. In fact, flowers have many hidden secrets, due to the fact that each flower has a different meaning. Numerous flower language is a difficult problem when it comes to sending flowers to someone. If you want to send flowers to someone you loved,  choose the flower and its meaning carefully, then put the delicate flowers in a beautiful flower gift box. After they received the gift, they will try to discover the language within the flowers, imagine how romantic it will be! Next, we are going to share a flower meaning list with flower language,  and show you to choose flower boxes to pack flowers!

1. Rose

  • Love, and beauty, radiant
  • In ancient Greek mythology, the rose combines love and beauty. It is not only the incarnation of the god of beauty but also the blood of the god of love. It can be said that in the world, roses are the universal language used to express love. Every Valentine’s Day, roses double their value and become a pet between lovers and couples.


2. Carnation

  • Thank you for your love, true love, mother I love you, warm blessing, loving you, maternal love without asking for a price, family thoughts, great, sacred, kind, warm mother, and miss.
  • Carnation is an excellent variety of cut flowers. The flower color is delicate and fragrant, and the flowering period is long. It is suitable for all kinds of flower arrangement needs. It is often combined with gladiolus, asparagus, asparagus, and ferns to form beautiful bouquets. Flowers can also add fragrance. With the rise of Mother’s Day, this exquisite, elegant, elegant, dignified, fragrant and quiet flower is becoming the world’s most popular flower.


3. Lavender

  • Waiting for love, quiet, steadfast, romantic love
  • Lavender is the representative of “fragrance” and is known as “the spirit of flowers”. The flower language of lavender is to wait for love. The reason why lavender can be favored by fashion groups is that lavender has many romantic and beautiful meanings. The British have always regarded lavender as a symbol of purity, freshness, gratitude, and peace. Lavender has a deep inner meaning and hides a correct attitude towards life. In the past, it was popular among lovers to give lavender to each other to express their love. The custom in some areas is to use lavender for fragrant bridal dresses. It is said that putting a small bag of dried lavender on your body can help you find the lover of your dreams.


4. Lily 

  • Smooth, wishful, blessing, noble
  • There are many kinds of lilies, colorful and colorful; elegant and elegant flower shape, delicate and charming, different from species to variety; bright and flawless, crystal clear and elegant, and pleasant fragrance; lily unique and quiet, symbolizing some of the characteristics of women such as independence and self-reliance. In China, the lily has the meaning of symbolizing a hundred years of harmony, a happy family, and great love, and it has the meaning of deep blessing. People who are blessed by lilies have a pure and innocent character, and they are loved by everyone. However, this alone cannot live a peaceful life. They must have self-control and resist the temptation of the outside to maintain their innocence without being polluted.


5. Sunflower 

  • Faith, brilliance, arrogance, loyalty, admiration, silent love
  • Sunflowers can be given not only to those who pursue their dreams but also to the objects of your admiration. It means that TA is the sun that never sets in your heart and the angel you will guard forever. If you like her cheerful, lively and generous, and you don’t like relatively weak roses, just send her sunflowers. The flower language of the sunflower is silent love, which can be given not only to women but also to men. It is a kind of flower that can bring people confidence and hope.


6. Tulip

  • Love, charity, reputation, beauty, blessing, eternity, confession of love, eternal blessing
  • Speaking of tulips, people will think of the Kingdom of Tulips—the Netherlands, but the Turks were the first to grow tulips in the world. It was introduced to the Netherlands in the 16th century and became popular in Europe in the 17th century. The tulip is regarded as a symbol of victory and beauty, and it also represents the confession of love and eternal blessing.


7. Hyacinth

  • Victory, competition, joy, love, happiness, passion, admiration, stubbornness, life.
  • The goddess Venus likes to collect the dew on the petals of hyacinths to make the skin more beautiful and smooth. After the blooming period of the hyacinth is over, if you want to bloom again, you need to cut off the dying flowers. So hyacinth also represents the love of rebirth. Forget the sadness of the past and start a new love.


8. Four-Leaf Clover

  • Lucky, happy
  • The four leaves of a four-leaf clover represent different meanings. One leaf represents true love, the second leaf represents health, the third leaf represents reputation, and the fourth leaf represents happiness.


9. Gardenia Flower

  • Joy, Eternal Love and Agreement
  • Gardenias start to nurture buds in winter and will not bloom until the summer solstice. The longer the budding period, the longer the fragrance. The leaves of the gardenia tree are also verdant in the wind, frost, snow and rain over the years. As a result, although the seemingly inadvertent bloom, it also experienced long-term hard work and persistence. Perhaps the growth habit of gardenia is more in line with this flower language. It is not only the consignment of love, but also the beauty, tenacity, and mellow nature of life under the plain, long-lasting, warm and refined appearance.


10. Daisy

  • Pure beauty, innocence, childishness, joy, happiness, peace, hope
  • The daisy flowers are small and exquisite, lovely, and have high ornamental value. Italians love the beautiful and beautiful daisy very much. They think it has a gentleman’s style, so the daisy is designated as the national flower.


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