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Empty Cosmetic Palette
Empty Cosmetic Palette

Discover the epitome of beauty organization with the Kali Empty Cosmetic Palette — a book-opening masterpiece that harmonizes functionality and aesthetics. Crafted from premium Grey board 1200g, this palette exudes durability and luxury. Opening like a book, it reveals a treasure trove of 24 makeup powder pans, awaiting your creative touch. Whether you’re a makeup […]

  • Model NO. :


  • OEM/ODM :

    Accept Custom Designs

  • Design :

    Free design service

  • Sample :

    Free stock sample

  • Material :

    Grey board 1200g

  • Structure :

    Book shape

  • Holes&Diameter :

    24 color+4 kits hole

  • Response Time :

    Within 24 hours during the workdays

  • Tag :

    Empty cosmetic palette?cosmetic palettes wholesale

    Request Custom Quote

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    Discover the epitome of beauty organization with the Kali Empty Cosmetic Palette — a book-opening masterpiece that harmonizes functionality and aesthetics. Crafted from premium Grey board 1200g, this palette exudes durability and luxury. Opening like a book, it reveals a treasure trove of 24 makeup powder pans, awaiting your creative touch. Whether you’re a makeup artist or an enthusiast, this palette’s design offers versatility and convenience, making it a go-to choice for organized beauty expression. Explore the world of endless possibilities with Kali’s bulk wholesale cosmetic box.

    Empty Cosmetic Palette Product Details

    1. Innovative Book Opening Design: The Kali Empty Cosmetic Palette for sale opens like a book, revealing an array of 24 makeup powder pans. This unique design maximizes space and offers effortless access to your favorite shades.
    2. Premium Grey Board 1200g: Crafted from superior Grey board 1200g material, this palette boasts exceptional sturdiness and resilience. It ensures that your makeup pans remain protected and secure.
    3. 24 Color Haven: With space for 24 makeup powder pans, this palette caters to a diverse range of makeup looks. From neutrals to vibrant hues, the possibilities are endless.
    4. Efficient Organization: The palette’s layout allows for efficient organization of your makeup powder pans. Quickly identify and select the shades you need for your desired look.
    5. Versatility Personified: Whether you’re a makeup artist creating intricate designs or an enthusiast experimenting with different styles, this palette offers versatility to match your makeup endeavors.
    6. Bulk Wholesale Availability: Available in bulk wholesale, the Kali Empty Cosmetic Palette is a practical and cost-effective choice for professionals and businesses seeking high-quality beauty storage solutions.

    How To Customize Our Cosmetic Palette?

    Customizing your cosmetic palette offers a unique opportunity to tailor the product to your brand identity, target audience, and aesthetic preferences. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to effectively customize your cosmetic palette:

    1. Define Your Brand Identity: Identify your brand’s core values, mission, and target audience. Determine the message you want your cosmetic palette to convey and how it aligns with your overall brand identity.
    2. Choose Palette Design: Decide on the overall design of the palette, including its shape, size, and opening mechanism. Consider factors such as usability, storage capacity, and visual appeal.
    3. Select Material and Finishes: Choose the base material for your palette, such as paper, plastic, or metal. Decide on finishes like matte, glossy, metallic, or textured. These choices impact the palette’s tactile and visual experience.
    4. Customize Exterior: Design the exterior of the palette. This includes selecting colors, patterns, textures, and any branding elements such as logos, taglines, or graphics. Ensure that the exterior represents your brand’s aesthetics.
    5. Create Interior Layout: Plan the layout of the interior where the makeup pans will be placed. Determine the arrangement of pans, the size and shape of each compartment, and any additional features like mirrors or brush holders.
    6. Personalize the Clear Window: If your palette includes a clear window, consider adding decorative elements, etching, or branding to the window itself. This enhances the palette’s visual appeal and reinforces brand recognition.
    7. Incorporate Branding: Integrate your brand’s logo, name, or signature colors into the palette’s design. Ensure that branding elements are tastefully placed and cohesive with the overall look.
    8. Choose Customization Techniques: Explore customization techniques like embossing, debossing, foil stamping, UV printing, or screen printing. These techniques add depth, texture, and a premium touch to the palette.
    9. Test and Prototype: Create prototypes to visualize how the customized palette will look and function. Test the usability, durability, and overall user experience of the prototype.
    10. Finalize Production Details: Once you’re satisfied with the prototype, finalize production details with your manufacturer. Discuss aspects such as materials, printing methods, finishes, and production timelines.
    11. Quality Control: Ensure that the manufacturer adheres to strict quality control standards. Regularly communicate with them to monitor progress and address any issues that may arise.
    12. Packaging and Presentation: Design packaging that complements the palette and provides protection during shipping. Consider creating a unique unboxing experience that reflects the palette’s elegance.
    13. Market and Launch: Plan a marketing strategy to introduce your customized cosmetic palette to your target audience. Utilize social media, influencer collaborations, and other platforms to create anticipation and excitement.



    Product Feature


     Please send inquiry with specifications




     Eyeshadow?blush makeup




     Empty cosmetic palette?cosmetic palettes wholesale


     By DHL, TNT, UPS, EMS, etc, By Air or Sea

     Lead Time/Sampling

     About 15-35 ?3-7days


     30% deposit

     payment Terms

     paypal  WU TTalipay


     3000pcs or as discussed




    eyeshadow palette supplier


     makeup palette sale



    factory show




    our-exhibitions new





           empty eyeshadow palette

    <b “=”” style=”font-family:sans-serif;white-space:normal;”>Q1: What is your MOQ for this empty cosmetic palette?
    <span “=”” style=”font-size:14pt;”>A1: 3000pcs or other quantity according to actual situation.

    <span “=”” style=”font-size:14pt;”>

    Q2: How to get price from you?

    <span “=”” style=”font-size:14pt;”>A2:  Please send us size, quantity and artwork for offer.  If you don’t know the size, please inform us size of your product.  <span “=”” style=”font-size:14pt;”>If  you don’t have artwork yet, we’ll quote according to present design.

    <span “=”” style=”font-size:14pt;”>

    Q3: If I ‘m happy with your offer, could you help us to design our product?

    <span “=”” style=”font-size:14pt;”>A3: Sure, we have creative design team and experienced technical team to assist you.<span “=”” style=”font-style:italic;font-size:14pt;”>Will turn out satisfactory design<span “=””> <span “=”” style=”font-size:14pt;”>for you which is FREE.

    <span “=”” style=”font-size:14pt;”>

    Q4: Do I need to pay for sample?
    <span “=”” style=”font-size:14pt;”>A4: It’s free for stock sample.  If it’s customized, sample fee has to be charged.  For both cases, express fee has to be charged.


    Q5: Can I customize the shape of pan?

    <span “=”” style=”font-size:14pt;”>A5: Sure, just let us know which shape you like.

    Q6: Does this product contain eyeshadow?
    <span “=”” style=”font-size:14pt;”>A6: No, there is no eyeshadow in it.  If you like to order eyeshadow together, we can source for you.


    Q7: May I have the same design as this product?
    <span “=”” style=”font-size:14pt;”>A7: Sorry it can’t, this design is our sample only for your reference. If you like it so much, we suggest that you <span “=”” style=”font-size:14pt;”>can <span “=”” style=”font-size:14pt;”>check the idea and change a bit from it.


    Q8: How do you guarantee the safety of transaction?
    <span “=”” style=”font-size:14pt;”>A8: We’ll send photo and video of production process to you. Outgoing inspection of goods are conducted before delivery. The inspection can also be conducted by authorized third party.


    Q9: What is your guarantee after sales?
    <span “=”” style=”font-size:14pt;”>A9: Our promise is 365days guarantee after delivey and 100% trade amount assurance.

    <span “=”” style=”font-size:14pt;”>

    Q10:I have no idea with transport, can you help me?
    A10: Noramally goods are shipped by sea/air or express. You don’t need to worry since we can arrange the shipment for you.


    empty eyeshadow palette price