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KALI Perfume Packaging Box - High Quality, Customizable, and Attractive Fragrance Packaging
KALI Custom Perfume Packaging Box, the ultimate solution for your fragrance product packaging needs. This premium quality box is designed to elevate the appeal of your perfume with its sleek and stylish design, ensuring that your product stands out among the competition. Made from high-quality materials, this box is durable and sturdy, protecting your perfume from damage during shipping and handling. Our Perfume Packaging is perfect for those who want their product to exude luxury and sophistication, and it's ideal for gift-giving as well. Don't settle for mediocre packaging - upgrade to the Perfume Packaging Box today and experience the difference in quality and presentation. Order now and give your perfume the packaging it deserves!
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Perfume Packing Boxes & Gift Boxes Wholesale

Want to wholesale Empty Perfume Packaging Boxes or Perfume Gift Boxes? You are on the right site! Tempting promotions, low prices all year round. On Luxury-Paper-Box.Com, be sure to find the most cost-effective but best quality custom Perfume Boxes for your cologne products, we are one of the leading luxury perfume box manufacturers in China!

Wrap your products or gift in our perfume boxes, designed and produced to fit the most common sizes of perfume bottles. Empty perfume boxes for sale here are available in elongated, square, or rectangular shapes. We customize the printed perfume bottle box according to your requirements. No matter what kind of perfume container, you can easily get your dreamy designs and quality here, we create unique and attractive perfume gift boxes & Perfume packing box for you.

Benefits of Buying Perfume Boxes From Luxury-Paper-Box.Com

  • High-quality raw materials, not easy to break
  • Competitive price, save your cost for perfume box wholesale
  • A variety of styles and designs of perfume bottle box meet different applications
  • Can be assembled in no time and very easy to use
  • Satisfy customer custom design and OEM production
  • Fast delivery, reliable packaging, and transportation
  • Excellent pre-sales and after-sales one-stop service

Whether you want to use it as product packaging or gift dressing, our perfume box is the perfect choice for you, because we are confident that you can shine in sales or celebrations at the lowest cost.

Build Successful Custom Perfume Packaging Boxes To Enhance Your Scent Brand Value

Create Stunning Perfume Product Packaging to Achieve Successful Marketing with our Limitless Customization. Since perfume is such an alluring and contagious cosmetic item, so too should be its container and packaging box. The sales of a perfume can increase with attractive packaging. It influences consumers’ purchase decisions, which boosts product sales. Custom perfume boxs must be the best option for you if you want to stand out from the competitors. The perfect perfume box design can be achieved by working with a reliable box provider, and KALI is pleased to be your ideal partner.

KALI helps you to perfectly customize your perfume packaging box with quality and creative design team, so that your customers will be satisfied not only with the fragrance itself, but also with the surprise effect of the unboxing experience. Our fragrance product packaging not only makes the perfume always present in front of consumers in a beautiful form, but also uses all means to attract the attention of consumers.

Custom Perfume Packaging With Unlimited Options

Perfume packaging boxes play an important role in protecting the product, helping with preservation and transportation, and also take on the responsibility of attracting customers, increasing sales and enhancing the brand image. The design, style, size and shape of perfume packaging can make the product very attractive. We provide more than 100+ customised alternatives that may be utilized to design your folding box or rigid cardboard packaging boxes for a distinctive look and feel in order to assist brands in producing the finest quality luxury perfume boxes. You can ask for options that are not listed in our library because our options are limitless.

Structure and Dimensions

The first step in customizing the packaging box is to choose the appropriate structure and size according to the characteristics of the perfume product, which is not only related to whether the safety of the product can be effectively protected during transportation, but also can effectively save transportation space and thus save the transportation cost of the product. Under the conditions of safety and cost, choose the packaging structure that best reflects the personality of the product and gives the customer a unique unboxing experience. KALI offers the most popular perfume box structures:

  • Round Perfume Boxes
  • Hinged Perfume Boxes
  • Oval Tube Perfume Boxes
  • Sliding Out Perfume Boxes
  • Lid-Off Two-Pieces Perfume Boxes
  • Drawer Style Perfume Boxes

Appearance (Pattern & Text)

The perfume box is the first thing users will see, and it is very important to make it stand out. Beautifully designed and easily recognizable cosmetic packaging boxes can impress users. The color, text, texture, pattern and style of the box are all elements that effectively attract the attention of customers. In this way, the appearance of the box is enhanced, in addition to attracting customers, it can also provide opportunities for brand promotion. KALI offers the following most innovative designs for perfume box designs:

  • White SBS Paperboard
  • Brown/White/Black kraft paperboard
  • Metallic Paperboard
  • Holographic Paperboard
  • Rigid Cardboard


As modern technology becomes more and more advanced, packaging box printing has also become easier. Usually professional packaging companies can have excellent printing technology. For special festivals or events, high-quality color techniques such as CMYK and PMS color technology can be used to make perfume boxes more attractive. Perfume boxes can also be used in single or multiple colors that can be used to create unique packaging boxes. KALI offers exquisite finishes & coatings that highlight the packaging of perfume boxes:

  • UV Coating
  • Spot Gloss UV
  • Soft Touch Coating / Silk Lamination
  • Aqueous Coating
  • Varnish
  • Lamination
  • Anti-Scracth Lamination
  • Finishings:
  • Hot Foil Stamping
  • Cold Foil Stamping
  • Matte UV
  • Debosing/Embossing
  • Window Pactching
  • Textured
  • Glossy
  • Laser Cutting


Cosmetic packaging boxes not only need to be attractive and stand out from the crowd, but also need to protect the product itself. If the product is damaged due to improper transportation or storage, it will affect the image of the brand in the minds of users. The best way to do this is to use a high-thickness packaging material and add an inner lining to the box to cushion the product well when it is squeezed by the outside. KALI offers fully customized, high-quality inserts for perfume boxes for security:

  • Eva Insert
  • Paper Inlay
  • Foam Insert
  • Plastic Insert

In principle, you can start immediately with the individual configuration of your perfume packaging box. On Luxury-Paper-Boxes.COm, there are countless ways in which you can design and refine your scent box according to your wishes, ideas and requirements. Simply send us your product and we will do the rest!

Elements To Consider When Design Your Custom Perfume Boxes

The perfume box can be customized according to needs, which can provide unlimited creative space for the product. It is very good to design the packaging box according to the characteristics of the product or according to the image of the brand. However, when designing a fragrance box, the following factors are taken into account in order to customize a unique and eye-catching packaging design to increase product sales.

Specificity of The Brand

Your perfume brand and brand personality is what you want consumers to see. This will help you identify the design elements that need to be used in scent packaging design. For example, you want your cosmetic packaging design to look classic, high-end, simple, or stylish. Whatever the style of packaging design, it should always be consistent with the brand’s personality.

Target Customers

The brand’s positioning of the product determines your target customer group, is your product high-end or affordable? Suitable for young or middle-aged? According to the positioning of your product, you can roughly judge the age, identity and preferences of the target customer. Finally, designing the perfume packaging box according to the preferences of the target customer will be able to promote the product to the target customer in a targeted manner to increase the sales of the product.

Out-of-the-box Experience

Excellent creative packaging will become the hallmark of your brand. Therefore, be sure to showcase its uniqueness in the box, give your customers a unique unboxing experience and recognize your brand. Even if you’re launching a new scent product to market, you can think and act outside the box and make it more appealing. When customizing perfume packaging boxes, don’t limit your imagination to traditional perfume packaging. The only way to stand out is to package it in a more unique perfum box.

Product Introduction

Once it attracts the attention of consumers, consumers will definitely want to know more about the perfume, and the clearer the information on the fragrance box, the more information consumers will have about your product, in addition to the basic information of the product, you can also add some brand information and brand story and so on.

Whether creamy white or midnight black boxes, in gold or silver, rosé or azure: our successful custom perfume packaging increases the quality of the piece of fragrance. It creates a luxurious feeling and an unforgettable experience that makes opening the packaging even more unique. It is not without reason that fine scent has been sold in beautiful packaging for decades – pack your perfume products in unique packaginhg boxes!