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8 Tips To Design Product Packaging For Your Business

17 views Published by September 14, 2021

If you are small business owners and entrepreneurs, we all focus on having a great product. But something that is often overlooked is how we treat that product? How do we package that product? How do we deliver it to the end customer? How do they experience that product? Today, we are going to talk more about product packaging as well as the shipping materials used in getting your product from point A to point B and how those materials affect the experience of the end-user.  Here we talk about the 8 tips to design product packaging for your business.

Tip 1

It’s important that you showcase your brand on your packaging, you want somebody to be able to look at your packaging and immediately tell, who the manufacturer is, who the brand owner is. It’s important to make your brand large and evident on the packaging, you want to use branding colors, you want to use brand slogans, trademarks, sayings, or anything you can to leave your brand’s footprint on the packaging of your product. Now you can go a step further than just the packaging, you can also think about the shipping container that is used, whether it’s a mailer box or an envelope. This is another place we can use those branded assets to enhance the overall experience that your customer is going to receive.

Tip 2

Another thing to be conscious of is any images used on packaging. You don’t want blurry images, you don’t want images that make your item look unfavorable, you want to make sure you’re using high quality, high resolution, professional photos in your packaging. You will make sure that those photos are clear and crisp and they highlight the details that you want to highlight. Make those photos tell a story whether it’s the product, whether it’s aspects of the product, whether it features, whether it’s a lifestyle, it’s important to get out there and show the customer what they’re getting.

Tip 3

Another thing you can do to make your packaging stand apart is to make sure that you make any guarantees or any warranties very well known. This is something that a lot of customers look for when shopping. They want a product that they know the manufacturer stands behind that is willing to support. Make sure that any warranty whether it’s 30 days, 90 days, a year lifetime is visible. Make sure there’s a support number. Make sure that you’re conveying to the end-user.

Tip 4

Another great way to do this, when you’re shipping an item, is to include inserts into the packaging to let the people know this is where I call when I need help. This is who sent me this item, so I can go after warranty. Let the people know that this is who I can contact. When you start including inserts of pamphlets into the packages, the number of support claims went way down and the number of satisfied customers exists through your own support number and support email. Customer satisfaction was higher, because of this you are able to have a much more positive customer experience. It’s all about the customer experience.

Tip 5

Another thing you can do is you can include coupons. You can include special offers, catalogs, get creative. There’s an endless number of things that you can stick into the box. When you are creating custom packaging, that can allow your customer to have a longer experience than just the current product that they ordered. Maybe this will prompt a reorder, it’ll prompt order of a different item, maybe it just put you on the top of their consideration set. But adding a catalog, a gift certificate or a coupon is a great way to boost sales momentum and to take your company’s in the next level.

Tip 6

You want to make sure that your packaging adds to the overall experience because when your customer gets this, think of how excited you are when you get a package in the mail, that’s the feeling they’re going to have when they see that it arrived at their doorstep. You want to carry that satisfaction through until they’re using the product. If the customers t have a great experience, they will come back again and again, which increases their customer lifetime value.

Tip 7

Another thing you really want to focus on is the placement of objects in a box. If you’re placing a bunch of objects in a box-like let’s say you’re doing jewelry, or you’re doing electronics or some other high-end item that people are really interested in experiencing and the experience that comes with that item. You want to think about how you’re placing this in a box. Everyone likes to see the ring centered showcased, it’s beautifully packaged, even a ribbon on the jewelry box. You want to think of how the placement looks and how that feels and how it adds to the quality of the item. You want the packaging to be that little cherry on top of the sundae. So you want to make sure you have great product placement inside your packaging.

Tip 8

The last thing to think about with your packaging is to make it a positive user experience. Don’t make your packaging annoying. We’ve all dealt with packaging that’s hard to open, it’s difficult to get into there, and you feel like you’re in a fight with the box. Now there’s no need to give off a negative impression to the customer and lowers their overall satisfaction. You want to make sure that as they open this box, there’s no risk of damaging the product. You make sure that it adds the experience, make sure that your packaging doesn’t detract because you packed it in a way that made it difficult to open or utilize keep.

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