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  • Luxury Lid & Bottom Boxes, Drawer Box, Heart Shape Box, Round Box And More – Kali Printing
    Published by box-wcy January 12, 2021
    There are various packing box products on the current markets, from gift boxes to cosmetic boxes thousands of them are dazzling. Are you struggling to choose the right packing box? Here we introduce you to the most luxury box packaging at Kali Printing so that you can wholesale the best quality box products at cost-effective prices.   What Luxury Boxes Are Available At Kali Printing? The common structure of high-end gift boxes, from the structure of the lid and bottom combination, embedded box combination box, left and right open and......
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  • Best High End Box Packaging Products, Material, Applications
    Published by box-wcy January 12, 2021
    As for the definition of high-end gift boxes, even Google search does not have a precise definition. Not to mention that everyone thinks differently. What are the manufacturing processes of high-end gift box packaging? Making a good one needs a lot of technology, and it needs to make the paste box by hand. Today, at luxury-paper-box.com would like to show you the high-end box packaging classification, materials, applications as well as the best luxury boxes manufacturer. Classification Of High-End Boxes Material According to the fabric cl......
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  • How To Use Custom Product Packaging Boxes Improve Your Brand In 2021?
    Published by box-yl January 11, 2021
    The Covid pandemic has raged around the world and changed people’s shopping habits. To cope, companies must adapt their experience in order to survive this difficult time. As we mentioned in our previous blog post, the tendency to buy via e-commerce has increased a lot, this habit will not change quickly as several studies point out. What is difficult for companies that used to sell through more traditional outlets is that the number of points of contact with customers has dropped sharply. This means that it is much more difficult to esta......
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  • Die Cut Box & Folding Box Packaging – Die Cut Box Design, Structure, Supplier & More
    Published by box-wcy January 6, 2021
    Die-cutting design is a key link in the production of die-cut box and folding box packaging, which directly affects the quality and cost of products. This design needs to consider a variety of factors, such as box arrangement, bridging and die-cutting process. Many people barely know anything about die cut box paper includes the design of die-cutting boxes, structures, materials as well as the best die cuts box supplier. Next, let’s take a look.   Everything You Need To Know About Die Cut Box & Folding Box Compare to folda......
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  • Best Unboxing Strategy 2021 – How To Create Great Unboxing Experience For Your Brand?
    Published by box-yl January 6, 2021
    Great unpacking (unboxing) can be one of the most effective ways to achieve direct marketing, as the unique custom packaging will attract several people. This is even more true if the customer posts on social media.The experience of unpacking paper boxes is becoming an increasingly integral part of the consumer experience. Everyone unwraps a few gifts from time to time and enjoys them, which shows how important it is for an Internet-based company to have a great experience of unpacking its products. A good unpacking experience will crea......
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  • Why Kraft Bags Is The Best Food Packaging | Kraft Paper Packaging Advantages
    Published by box-yl December 31, 2020
    Convenience, food contact and profitability are the main criteria for choosing food packaging. Among the many options available to take-out and fast-food professionals is kraft paper packaging. Popular for packaging food and drink, it is both an environmentally friendly and practical option. Update on kraft paper. High-quality and Highly Secure Food Packaging: Kraft Paper Bags One of the first kraft packaging to achieve success in snacking was the kraft bag. Used initially as an alternative to the plastic bag, it then turned out to be a r......
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  • DIY Paper Bag Tutorial – How To DIY Paper Bags Easily
    Published by box-wcy December 31, 2020
    Tired of the usual craft paper bags? Do you want to make a solid and beautiful paper bag or gift packaging? Today we will share some simple DIY paper bag tutorials to teach you how to turn waste paper into treasure. Change outdated magazines, newspapers, or handmade paper into a decorative and unique packaging. Simple Ways To DIY Paper Packaging Bags Nowadays, many business industries changed plastic bags into paper bags in order to make a contribution to protecting the environment. Paper gift bag packaging is no......
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