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  • How To DIY Eyelash Boxes Yourself – Custom Fake Eyelash Packaging Guide
    Published by box-wcy January 28, 2023
    False eyelashes, often known as artificial eyelashes, are a popular way to enhance the appearance of one’s eyes. The eyes will seem larger, brighter, fuller, and more active if the eyelashes are lengthened and thickened. In fact, fake eyelashes have been around for quite some time. Documents from as early as 2000 BC reveal that both the ancient Egyptians and the Romans used fake eyelashes. False eyelashes may be produced from a variety of materials, including plastic, cotton, feathers, and others; these materials all have their own ......
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  • Is The World’s Largest Primary Eyelash Processing & Production Base In Korea?
    Published by box-wcy January 28, 2023
    False eyelashes can make eyes bigger and more energetic, which has become the pursuit of women who love the beauty around the world. Today, we are going to talk about the world’s largest primary eyelash process and production base.   When it comes to false eyelashes, the first thing the insiders think of is Pingdu, Qingdao, China, a small city in the north. There have been as many as two or three thousand enterprises producing false eyelashes in the past two years. Factories with an annual output value of hundreds of millions ......
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  • 10 Customs Of The Spring Festival (Lunar New Year) You Need To Know
    Published by box-wcy January 11, 2023
    The Spring Festival, commonly known as “New Year’s Day” and “Lunar New Year”, is a grand and distinctive ancient folk festival in China, and one of the most bustling traditional festivals. Spring Festival, in a narrow sense, means the first day of the first lunar month, the first day of the new year; In a broad sense, the Spring Festival is from the Laba Festival or the Lunar New Year to the 19th of the first month of the next year. Here are 10 folk customs during the Spring Festival.   10 Customs Of Th......
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  • Best Gifts For Year Of The Rabbit 2023 – Year Of The Rabbit Gift Guide
    Published by box-wcy January 11, 2023
    In 2023, the Chinese zodiac rabbit will enter the year of the birth of Tai Sui, which is exactly what we call “Tai Sui will be the first to sit down. The rabbit people of the zodiac are gentle and considerate, virtuous and decent, and very good people. The arrival of the year 2023 indicates that there will be great changes in the fate of the rabbit people. The trivial matters in life need to be treated seriously and rigorously. So, in 2023, if your family has someone who belongs to the rabbit, what gift will be given in the year of ......
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  • How To Design Custom Packaging For Ecommerce Products?
    Published by box-yl December 25, 2022
    Product packaging design may have started as a purely practical effort to protect items in transit. But it quickly became a powerful branding and marketing strategy. How to design eCommerce packaging? Today, online shoppers don’t just expect to receive their products in a timely manner. They also want to be delighted with the overall delivery experience. This is where stellar product packaging can make all the difference in your ability to attract and retain customers. In this guide, we’ll cover how you can create a winning p......
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  • How To Get Custom Packaging For Small Business?
    Published by box-yl December 25, 2022
    As a start-up of a small business, you face many exciting challenges. In addition to legal hurdles, building a website or online store, and the right marketing idea, the primary focus is on the product. When it comes to product packaging and placement, many start from scratch. What should small business owners pay attention to when packaging? Here are the most important tips for perfect packaging.   1) Standard Or Customize? An individual package with an unusual closing mechanism, unusual choice of materials, or additional “gi......
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  • Types of Food Packaging Paper: Which One Is Best For Your Business?
    Published by box-yl December 25, 2022
    If you have a business or company in the hospitality sector, it is essential that you know the types of food packaging paper that exist today (for wrapping objects, as decoration for boxes, corporate, for gifts, etc.). A subject that seems to have little or nothing to do with the hospitality industry, but nothing could be further from the truth. Paper packaging serves, among other important issues, for the maintenance of food and its optimal preservation in the chambers. It is a new world, especially for newcomers to the catering busines......
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