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  • Types of Packaging Inserts For Boxes | Best Package Inserts To Choose For Your Product Boxes
    Published by box-yl February 5, 2021
    Product packaging boxes have always been regarded as one of the most effective marketing tools for companies because the external image of the product is one of the important factors that can make your product stand out in a competitive market. However, in addition to the appearance of your box, there are many things to consider such as a packaging insert that can not only enhance the customer’s unpacking experience but also provide effectiveness for cross-selling. Before delving into its advantages, let us see what the inner insert......
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  • Will The Eyeshadow Expire? Can The Eyeshadow Be Used After It Expires?
    Published by box-wcy February 3, 2021
    As we know putting on eye shadow is a very important process during putting makeup on. Therefore, many people buy a lot of eye shadow and cosmetics stored at home. Due to some reasons, we do not use eye shadow most of the time. Some people even forget that they bought dozens of eye shadow palettes. It took a long time to realize and take it out, and at this time most eye shadows were barely new. So here comes the question will eye shadow expire? This article is going to tell you whether the eyeshadow products expire, and are they suitable......
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  • Top 3 Tips To Reduce The Cost Of Custom Box Packaging in 2021
    Published by box-yl January 27, 2021
    If you want to get the most benefits from the current increasingly competitive market, in addition to increasing the overall sales of the product, it is also an effective way to reduce the indirect cost of the goods, such as product packaging. In this way, the overall cost of goods can be saved without cutting down the quality of the high-end packaging box. As a custom packaging manufacturer with rich experience, Kali provides three effective methods to help brands/merchants save packaging costs. CUSTOM Packaging Boxes Customized Packagi......
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  • Best Chocolate You Can Buy In 2021 – Top 5 Best Selling Chocolate In The World
    Published by box-wcy January 26, 2021
    “Nine out of ten people like chocolate and the other one must be lying.” More than 1300 years ago, Mayan Indians of Yorktan made a drink called “chocolate” from roasted cocoa beans. Later, chocolate becomes popular all over the world. Everyone has been conquered by the charm of chocolate. Here we introduce the best-selling chocolate brands in the world, the best chocolate you can buy in 2021.   Best Chocolate You Can Buy In 2021 – Top 5 Best Selling Chocolate In The World Ghirardelli Ghirardelli brand ch......
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  • 5 Things To Fix Broken Eyeshadow Products – Eyeshadow Powders, Empty Makeup Palettes And More Tools
    Published by box-wcy January 22, 2021
    Whenever we go on business travel, a vacation trip, or even go out for a few hours on a date. I believe we are all choked by the heavy bags packed with makeup products. As a beauty lover, cosmetics are inevitable, not to mention eye shadows, lipsticks, blushes, glosses and powder for you to choose from. Next, we are going to introduce the how to fix broken eyeshadow products tutorial with preparation eyeshadow, empty makeup palettes and some tools. Why Remake Makeup Eyeshadow Palette? Have you ever dropped makeup on the floor? It was so u......
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  • How To Measure and Calculate Packaging Box Dimensions Accurately?
    Published by box-yl January 19, 2021
    Finding the right packaging for your goods is very important for your business. But when customizing packaging boxes, choosing the right size often leaves non-professionals with no choice. How to measure the size of the box correctly? As a professional carton manufacturer, in this post, Kali will show you how to calculate the measurements of the box so you can know if it is right for your product. Accurately calculating the measurements of a custom box is important for the product to have the right packaging and protection. In addition, d......
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  • Custom Apparel Packaging Box Design – Structures, Materials, Designs & More
    Published by box-yl January 13, 2021
    When customizing packaging for your clothing products, which type of box should you choose? Kali takes you to discover the best packaging boxes for clothing and textiles. Apparel Packaging Box Structure Types Clothing is an essential commodity in life. Regardless of whether it is online or offline, although most users prefer to visit stores they are more familiar with, customized clothing packaging boxes will also attract customers to buyback. Offline you can provide customized and exquisite packaging boxes to facilitate the gifting of cu......
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