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  • Best Substainable Packaging Ideas & Strategies 2021
    Published by box-wcy August 4, 2021
    Designing packaging as an extension of the product itself, as a way to distill the experience. Communicate one message to the consumer, taking from product design. There’s a lot of principles out of product design that all implement into packaging. Good packaging can create opportunities for brands to connect with consumers brands. Then build a story with the brand, typically we’re going to focus on sustainability. We want to create an experience that ties back to the brand everything from the way the box feels, to the weight ......
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  • Top 5 Electronic Product Packaging Box Design Tips & Ideas
    Published by box-yl August 3, 2021
    Packaging is usually a necessity for product transportation and product sales, and it is also an opportunity to increase product sales. According to a recent survey, 72% of consumers said that electronic packaging design can effectively influence their purchase decision. If the brand does not pay enough attention to the packaging of electronic products, you may miss potential sales and promotion opportunities. Electronic product packaging boxes play many important roles for their brands and customers, which can promote brand and product m......
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  • Which Fonts To Choose For Your Custom Packaging Boxes?
    Published by box-yl July 30, 2021
    As brands continue to recognize differentiation, packaging design has become a focus of brand marketing. As more and more brands join retail and e-commerce, packaging design can be said to be one of the best ways to make a product stand out. Packaging design contains many different elements, such as structure, text, patterns, colors, and so on. However, when many people are paying attention to structural design, patterns, and colors, fonts are often easily overlooked. But if you choose the right font and typesetting, you can help the bran......
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  • Why Is Luxury Packaging Important – How To Design Luxury Boxes & Bags For Your Business
    Published by box-wcy July 30, 2021
    For small business owners, the packaging is one of the most overlooked but incredibly important aspects of creating a luxury brand experience.  If your brand’s packaging is less than impressive, or non-existent, this luxury packaging design guide is for you! We will break down luxury packaging design into three basic tips, you can implement into your own business.   Luxury Packaging Is On Brand As a matter of fact, there are a lot of small business owners with packaging that is not on brand. Now you might be wondering how much ......
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  • Best Summer Flowers To Grow In Your Garden – How To Transform Your Interior & Exterior
    Published by box-wcy July 26, 2021
    July is the season when flowers bloom in summer. Many of them are flowers native to tropical areas and prefer warm and hot environments. If you think your garden or front yard is monotonous, why not try planting summer flowers yourself? Without beautiful flowers, your garden is no longer attractive anymore. Or you are finding some hobbies to kill your spare time. Transfer your interior and exterior by growing the best summer flowers, in order to offer vibrant color all summer long.   Best Summer Flowers To Grow In Your Garden –......
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  • What is Hang Tab Box? Advantages & Application of Hanging Retail Boxes
    Published by box-yl July 16, 2021
    What the Hang Tab Box brings you at the point of sale. A folding box with a euro hole hanger is practical – because you do not need any additional displays or other solutions to present your products to the customer. Simply hang the box on the standard format hanger at the cash register or in the counter area. Similar to other custom packaging boxes, this can of course be printed and designed according to product’s specifications. Like all of our folding boxes, on Luxury-Paper-Box.Com, the hanging boxes can also be produced in your ......
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  • Best Perfume 2021 For Summer – 5 Most Complimented Women’s Fragrances
    Published by box-wcy July 15, 2021
    Are you obsessed with perfume or fragrances? Most people are a fan of smelling good and like things that smell good. Do you want to feel fruity and floral without being basic in the summer? If you are looking for the most complimented summery perfume for yourself, besties, or girlfriend? This guide shares with you the best women’s perfume 2021 summer. Best Summery Perfume 2021 For Her 1. Eden-Roc Christian Dior Eden-Roc by Dior is a neutral fragrance with oriental floral notes. This is a new fragrance. Eden-Roc was launched in 2021. The p......
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