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What Principles Should Be Followed For Packaging Pattern Design?

61 views Published by February 21, 2023

As the saying goes, “People rely on clothes, Buddha depends on gold”, so packaging is really important for our products. Good packaging design can improve our products’ sense of quality. In our packaging design, our pattern design is the most important. Good pattern design can attract people’s attention. We are visual, and we are sensitive and pay attention to good things, So we should pay attention to our pattern design, how to make the product packaging better, and how to design the pattern. Now let’s see what principles should be followed in the pattern design.

What Principles Should Be Followed For Packaging Pattern Design?

1. The form and content should be consistent and specific.

It can let people know the product itself at a glance, and the content is clear and clear.


2. Fully display the goods.

There are two methods to choose from. One is to use vivid color photos to represent the goods. This is most commonly used in food packaging, such as candy, cakes, etc. The vivid color photos show the color, taste, and shape to make people drool; The second is to directly display the goods themselves. Transparent packaging and skylight packaging are very popular in textiles and light industrial products.


3. Highlight the product image color.

It is not only transparent packaging or color photos that fully represent the solid color of the goods themselves, but also the use of numerous image tones that reflect large categories of goods can make consumers produce cognitive reactions similar to signal reactions, and quickly determine the contents of the packaging by color. For example, the cake is generally golden.


4. It is provided with specific and detailed text description.

In the design of the packaging pattern, there should also be specific instructions on the raw materials, efficacy, use and maintenance of the product, and a concise schematic diagram should be provided if necessary.


5. Keep the function of the package itself.

The efficacy design of pattern design in packaging design is mainly manifested in the following aspects: protective performance design, including moisture-proof, mildew-proof, moth-proof, shock-proof, leak-proof, shatter-proof, anti-extrusion, etc; Convenient performance design, including convenience for store display, sales and convenience for customers to carry and use; Selling performance design, that is, without the introduction or demonstration of the salesperson, customers can understand the goods by the “self-introduction” of the packaging image, and then decide to buy.


6. Series packaging.

We believe that the products produced by each enterprise or under the same brand trademark, regardless of the variety, specification, package size, shape, package shape and pattern design, all adopt the same pattern, even the same color, giving a unified impression, so that customers can know what brand the product is at a glance.


7. Pay attention to the use of patterns.

Different countries and regions have different customs and cultures, resulting in their different likes and dislikes for patterns. If a brand wants to go international, it must pay attention to this problem and appropriately change the brand packaging design according to the specific conditions of different countries and regions.


Pattern design includes patterns, characters, and backgrounds. Such designs can give people a visual impact. Good pattern design can quickly attract people’s attention. This is undoubtedly a good means of publicity and sales. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to our pattern design. When designing patterns, we need to grasp its design principles, which is more conducive to our design,

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