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Bulk Buy Chocolate Boxes - Best Chocolate Packaging Supplier | KALI

Bulk Buy Chocolate Boxes
Bulk Buy Chocolate Boxes

Kali chocolate gift boxes, upper lid is a large clear window which is made of PET material, the lower box is consist of paper grid and one color pasted on bottom.

  • Model NO. :


  • OEM/ODM :

    Accept Custom Designs

  • Design :

    Free design service

  • Sample :

    Free stock sample

  • Material :

    157g coated art paper

  • Structure :

    Base And Bottom

  • Volume :

    9-pieces/Accpet customization

  • Response Time :

    Within 24 hours during the workdays

  • Tag :

    chocolate boxes bulk?bulk buy chocolate boxes

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    Introducing the Kali Chocolate Gift Boxes, a beautiful and versatile packaging solution for your delectable chocolates. These boxes are designed with a large clear window on the upper lid, made from PET material, allowing recipients to glimpse the mouth-watering chocolates inside. The lower box features a paper grid and a single color pasted on the bottom, creating a visually appealing contrast. Buy chocolate boxes in bulk that available in various colors, sizes, and materials, these customizable gift boxes offer endless possibilities to suit your brand’s unique style and requirements.

    Bulk Buy Chocolate Boxes Product Details

    1. Large clear window made of PET material: The Kali Chocolate Gift Boxes feature a generously sized clear window that is made of PET material. This transparent window provides an enticing view of the chocolates inside, enticing recipients with a captivating display that showcases the delightful treats contained within.
    2. Paper grid and colored bottom: The lower part of the box is designed with a paper grid, offering a secure and organized placement for your chocolates. The bottom of the box is adorned with a single color, creating a visually appealing contrast that highlights the elegance and sophistication of the packaging.
    3. Customization options: These gift boxes offer a wide range of customization options. You can choose from different colors, sizes, and materials to create a packaging solution that perfectly aligns with your brand identity and product requirements. Add a personal touch and make a lasting impression by tailoring the packaging to suit your unique style.
    4. Versatile usage: The Kali Chocolate Gift Boxes are incredibly versatile and can be used for various occasions. Whether it’s for corporate gifting, special events, or personal celebrations, these boxes are perfect for presenting chocolates in an exquisite and memorable way. Enhance the gifting experience and create moments of joy with these beautifully crafted gift boxes.
    5. Premium quality and aesthetics: The Kali Chocolate Gift Boxes are crafted with precision and utmost attention to detail. The use of high-quality materials ensures durability, while the sleek design and color options add a touch of elegance and sophistication. These gift boxes showcase a commitment to quality and aesthetics, elevating the perceived value of your chocolates and leaving a lasting impression on recipients.

    Experience the versatility and beauty of the Custom Chocolate Gift Boxes. The large clear window, paper grid, colored bottom, and customization options make these boxes a perfect choice for presenting your chocolates in an enchanting and distinctive manner. Elevate your brand, create memorable gifting experiences, and convey a sense of luxury with these customizable gift boxes. Choose Kali Chocolate Gift Boxes as the ideal packaging solution for your delicious chocolates.



    Product Feature


     Please send inquiry with specifications


     Cardboard Divider



     Surface Process

     Under Client’s Requirement


     Bulk buy chocolate boxes?Chocolate boxes bulk


     By DHL, TNT, UPS, EMS, etc, By Air or Sea

     Lead Time/Sampling

     15-35?3-7days as usual


     30% deposit

     payment Terms

     paypal  WU TTalipay


     3000pcs or as discussed




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     personalised chocolate box



    factory show




    our-exhibitions new





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    <b “=”” style=”font-family:sans-serif;white-space:normal;”>Q1: What is your MOQ for this chocolate box for bulk buy?
    <span “=”” style=”font-size:14pt;”>A1: 3000pcs or other quantity according to actual situation.

    <span “=”” style=”font-size:14pt;”>

    Q2: How to get price from you?

    <span “=”” style=”font-size:14pt;”>A2:  Please send us size, quantity and artwork for offer.  If you don’t know the size, please inform us size of your product.  <span “=”” style=”font-size:14pt;”>If  you don’t have artwork yet, we’ll quote according to present design.

    <span “=”” style=”font-size:14pt;”>

    Q3: If I ‘m happy with your offer, could you help us to design our product?

    <span “=”” style=”font-size:14pt;”>A3: Sure, we have creative design team and experienced technical team to assist you.<span “=”” style=”font-style:italic;font-size:14pt;”>Will turn out satisfactory design<span “=””> <span “=”” style=”font-size:14pt;”>for you which is FREE.

    <span “=”” style=”font-size:14pt;”>

    Q4: Do I need to pay for sample?
    <span “=”” style=”font-size:14pt;”>A4: It’s free for stock sample.  If it’s customized, sample fee has to be charged.  For both cases, express fee has to be charged.


    Q5: Does this product contain chocolate?

    <span “=”” style=”font-size:14pt;”>A5: No, this is empty packaging box for chocolate.

    Q6: Can you offer any other accessories?
    <span “=”” style=”font-size:14pt;”>A6: Yes, every accessory as you want, such as paper card, plastic/paper tray, butter paper, ribbon, paper bag, paper cup….


    Q7: May I have the same design as this product?
    <span “=”” style=”font-size:14pt;”>A7: Sure, please contact us to have the further discussion<span “=”” style=”font-size:14pt;”>


    Q8: How do you guarantee the safety of transaction?
    <span “=”” style=”font-size:14pt;”>A8: We’ll send photo and video of production process to you. Outgoing inspection of goods are conducted before delivery. The inspection can also be conducted by authorized third party.


    Q9: What is your guarantee after sales?
    <span “=”” style=”font-size:14pt;”>A9: Our promise is 365days guarantee after delivey and 100% trade amount assurance.

    <span “=”” style=”font-size:14pt;”>

    Q10:I have no idea with transport, can you help me?
    A10: Noramally goods are shipped by sea/air or express. You don’t need to worry since we can arrange the shipment for you.


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