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  • Which Type Of Product Boxes Should Use Belly Band?
    Published by box-yl May 14, 2021
    In addition to custom printing on your packaging, an individually printed cardboard belly band (packaging sleeve) can also refine and individualize your product. In addition to our custom packaging boxes, Kali also offer the option of designing your product packaging using belly bands. Belly bands are ideal for temporarily attaching an advertising print to custom packaging or to add value to your products. What Is Belly Band For Packaging? Belly Band also known as packaging sleeve is paper or plastic film tapes that encircle products and......
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  • Best Makeup Tips And Tricks For Beginners – Tips For Brows, Lips, Blush And More
    Published by box-wcy May 10, 2021
    Sometimes you might try and recreate your makeup, then you look in the mirror full of expectations, but turns out it’s a disaster. If you are a makeup beginner, here we are going to share the best makeup tips and tricks that’ll help you make your makeup look cohesive, things like matching the cheeks to the lips to the eyes, to making sure your brows are perfectly structured for your face and more. Eyebrows The brows are just as important as the skin, because if the brows are off and the skin is off, then the rest of the makeup is g......
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  • Types of Product Gift Boxes - Which Gift Box Will Benefit Your Product?
    Published by box-yl April 30, 2021
    When buying a gift people must not only take into account the product, but also its packaging: the box that will contain it. With it you can customize the product gift box and give it a special and exclusive touch. The person who receives the gift will not only know how to value the detail, but also the packaging. To do this, you have to know how to choose the right one according to the gift and the intention. These are the types of gift box that are most used in market now. Gift Box Types – Which Gift Boxes Best Suit Your Product?......
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  • Packaging Color Select Guide - Which Color To Choose For Your Product Packaging Box?
    Published by box-yl April 26, 2021
    When you create custom packaging boxes & bags for your product, you may be entangled in the choice of color. Which color of packaging box is more attractive to your target customers? Then in this guide, KALI takes you in-depth understanding of the importance and special significance of packaging colors. Read carefully, this will help you choose the right packaging color that is most beneficial to your product.   Colour Of Custom Packaging Boxes & Bags Packaging color is vital to thousands of companies. Brands use the psycholo......
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  • How To Pick Flowers & Flower Boxes For Your Loved One – Luxurypaperbox
    Published by box-wcy April 22, 2021
    Nowadays, flowers have become a beautiful symbol in everyone’s mind. In fact, flowers have many hidden secrets, due to the fact that each flower has a different meaning. Numerous flower language is a difficult problem when it comes to sending flowers to someone. If you want to send flowers to someone you loved,  choose the flower and its meaning carefully, then put the delicate flowers in a beautiful flower gift box. After they received the gift, they will try to discover the language within the flowers, imagine how romantic it will......
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  • Why Should You Choose Packaging Box With Window For Your Products?
    Published by box-yl April 17, 2021
    Should you use the packaging box with a viewing window for your products? Sometimes less is more: by “leaving out” material in packaging box with window, an exciting interplay between box and product is created. Viewing windows arouse the customer’s curiosity and ensure a distinctive product experience. In addition, the custom packaging box with transparent window also has the following advantages that will benefit your products definitely. Benefits of Using Packaging Box with Window For Your Products Viewing Windows P......
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  • Best Face Mask Packaging Box For Fabric, FFP2/N95 Disposable, Surgical Masks
    Published by box-yl April 10, 2021
    As the pandemic spreads around the world, masks have become a hot-selling product. Are you a manufacturer of face masks (community masks, FFP2/N95 disposable masks or surgical masks), and looking for a cost-effective mask packaging that is very suitable for your hygiene products? In this post, we will show you here the designs and structures of mask packaging box and guide you through the order of your idea packaging for masks. What’s more, Kali can provide durable custom disposable mask boxes ordered instantly and shipped just as quickly......
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