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  • Custom Takeaway Food Packaging Guide: Choose Right Food Container For Takeout
    Published by box-yl March 29, 2023
    Do you work in the restaurant sector and offer takeaway sales? You need food packaging. Find out how to choose yours.   How To Choose Custom Takeaway Food Packaging For Your Catering Business? Whether you’re a caterer, restaurateur, food truck owner, or bakery owner, it’s important to think carefully about what will showcase your kitchen, your products, and your brand. What are today’s single-use food packaging solutions in the fast food, take-out, or home delivery sector? What are the innovations? Given that food p......
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  • What Are The 5 Most Common Packaging Design Problems?
    Published by box-wcy March 24, 2023
    At present, many characteristic box packaging designs are not clearly contemporary, manifested in packaging, consumption concepts, environmental awareness, and other aspects; Insufficient attention to brand image, lack of long-term planning, incomplete packaging information, and relatively backward and outdated packaging design. With the changes in people’s life concepts, lifestyles, and aesthetic tastes, new requirements have been put forward for the packaging design of specialty products in the purchase demand. At present, althoug......
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  • Advantages Of Sustainable Packaging & 5 Suggestions To Impress Customers
    Published by box-wcy March 24, 2023
    In a complex environment, the market is rapidly changing, leaving companies with no time to react, and almost all brands are forced to change their ways of doing things. In this case, packaging can only be placed on the shelves, waiting for the call of consumers, and the “life” of packaging becomes unusually cold and dark. Of course, as the environment improves, we should also see the positive side. Behind all the changes is the restart of the starting line of market competition, which is an opportunity for packaging to regain......
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  • How Packaging Affects The Fate Of Products? – Most Successful Packaging Design Cases
    Published by box-wcy March 24, 2023
    “You have designed a new product, you have high expectations for it, you bring it to the market, and then… the sales of this product are not as good as expected.”. “You begin to reflect on what the problem is: Perhaps you have made great efforts in product design, promotion, and after-sales service, all of which are impeccable.”. In this case, a problem may arise on the packaging. A depressing fact is that people rely on clothing, while Buddha relies on gold clothing. People may even have a “stereotype&......
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  • Top 10 Creative Wine Packaging Designs (Label & Bottles) 2023 | Best Wine Packaging Ideas
    Published by box-yl February 28, 2023
    The variety of wines not only enriches our lives but also soaks our bodies and minds. While we are moisturized, we are also greatly satisfied in terms of visual senses, and all kinds of personalized packaging are endless, marking their own unique charm and exuding a charming wine aroma, which people can enjoy. The packaging of various types of wine can be displayed on the packaging screen according to different categories, and the combination of some special processes and materials can be displayed. It can also be designed according to th......
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  • Best Pizza Box Design 2023 – Top 5 Most Creative Pizza Packaging Ideas
    Published by box-wcy February 27, 2023
    As one of the most well-known foods in the world, pizza is a staple in almost every household, and its residents are well-versed with the best pizzerias in the area and their preferred pizza toppings. What is the best pizza box packaging design for 2023? There are many pizza brands with great packaging designs, and the best design can vary depending on personal preference. However, here are some pizza brands with distinctive and memorable packaging designs 2023. Get several pizza box examples online to help you get started on your own mas......
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  • Pizza Box Packaging Design Guide – Dos & Don’t When Designing Pizza Boxes
    Published by box-wcy February 27, 2023
    The best pizza box packaging design can vary depending on the brand’s personality and target audience. The pizza packaging design should be visually appealing, functional, and reflects your brand’s personality and identity. However, the process of designing pizza boxes can be fun and inspiring. And by avoiding some common mistakes, you can design pizza packaging that effectively promotes your brand and entices customers to make a purchase. Today, in our pizza design guide, we share some things to think about when creating pizz......
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