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Best High End Box Packaging Products, Material, Applications

24 views Published by January 12, 2021

As for the definition of high-end gift boxes, even Google search does not have a precise definition. Not to mention that everyone thinks differently. What are the manufacturing processes of high-end gift box packaging? Making a good one needs a lot of technology, and it needs to make the paste box by hand. Today, at luxury-paper-box.com would like to show you the high-end box packaging classification, materials, applications as well as the best luxury boxes manufacturer.

Classification Of High-End Boxes


According to the fabric classification, it is mainly divided into wood, paper, plastic and fabric.

  • Wood: Wood materials of luxury box products include red sandalwood, pine, oak, cherry, rosewood, walnut, beech, mahogany, poplar, Paulownia, etc. (the price difference of wooden boxes is also the highest!)
  • Paper: Paper packaging materials can be divided into paper, cardboard, corrugated three categories. It is also the most widely used in the packaging industry. Paper gift packaging has many advantages, such as lightweight, low cost, good folding, easy printing, recyclability and so on. It is called “environmental-friendly material”, and is mostly used in gift packaging boxes, food packaging boxes, cosmetics packaging boxes, apparel packaging box and so on.
  • Plastic: According to packaging methods, plastic packaging materials can be divided into plastic film and plastic containers. As a packaging material, plastic has good plasticity, water resistance, oil resistance, transparency, low cost, lightweight but not good for the environment. It can form a variety of shapes for packaging and printing and is mostly used in cosmetics packaging boxes, electronic products packaging boxes and so on.
  • Fabric: including all kinds of cotton and hemp texture. Fabric made of boxes always adds a sense of softness to your storage. Fabric foldable box is a combination of traditional and high-end style. It’s easy to clean, cheap price, lightweight and decorative design.
  • Glass: Glass packaging materials have the characteristics of high transparency, anti-corrosion and good sealing, but they are heavy, easy to break and not easy to transport. They are mostly used in food packaging, cosmetics packaging and other products with certain liquid substances and corrosivity.
  •  Metal: Metal packaging materials commonly used include horse iron sheets, aluminum and aluminum foil and composite materials. Metal packaging materials have good characteristics of light-proof, sealing, anti-falling and anti-shock, and can keep food for a long time. They are mainly used in food packaging, cosmetics packaging and other products that need to be sealed and lightproof.

High-End Box Packaging Usage

In terms of qualified high-end box applications, it mainly includes daily chemicals, liquor, food, tobacco, metal packaging, digital electronics and jewelry packaging​.

Daily chemicals: mainly includes cosmetics boxesperfume boxes

Wine: mainly high-end gift box for white wine, red wine

Food: mainly used as high-end chocolate box and healthy food box

Tobacco: high-end box packaging products launched by major tobacco companies

Metal packaging: such as gold coins, precision instruments, etc;

Digital electronics: such as speaker, high-end mobile phone box, tablet computer box, etc;

Jewelry: all kinds of jewelry boxes packed with unique style and personality.

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