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Best Sunglasses Packaging Box Design Ideas

49 views Published by October 13, 2021

Customizing sunglasses packaging can be tricky. Because the appearance and shape of sunglasses are very unique, and they are fragile products that need to be carried with you. Therefore, the packaging box not only needs a super strong protection function but also should be easy to open and close and convenient to carry around in its design. Below, Luxury-Paper-Box.Com will introduce to you several different styles of sunglasses packaging boxes.

Sunglasses Packaging Box
Sunglasses Packaging Box

Foldable Flip Box

The clamshell box is a very classic style of glasses packaging box. It is generally made of a hard gray board material as the box embryo and then matched with an exquisite external mounting material. The biggest feature of the foldable box is that the opening is generally formed by two pairs of magnets, which is very convenient to open and close.


Drawer box

As the name suggests, a drawer box is a type of packaging box that looks similar to a drawer. The biggest feature of the drawer box is that it can give people a sense of mystery because during the opening process of the drawer box, the products are slowly presented following the opening of the gift box, which can maximize the urgency of customers.


Lid and Bottom Packaging Box

The Lid-Off Box is the most common box type in the packaging market, and it is also often used as a packaging box for glasses. Compared with other box types, the world cover box can give people a strong sense of intuitiveness. Moreover, the Lid and Bottom Box is also the strongest of all box types, which can well protect the safety of the product.


Pillow box

The pillow box is not a box for packing pillows, but because its shape is similar to a pillow, it is called a pillow box. The curved shape of the pillow box can wrap the sunglasses well, and the pillow box is a kind of folding box. For the brand, it can save the transportation space and storage space of the custom packaging box. For the customer, the pillow box is a kind of folding box. The assembly of the box is very convenient, and it is very easy to open and close. Pillow boxes generally use kraft paper that can be bent and white cardboard.


The above sunglasses packaging box styles are very common on the market, in addition to providing powerful protection for sunglasses and convenience to customers. According to the needs of the brand, you can add exquisite patterns in the high-end packaging box, as well as some information about the brand, and so on.

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