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E-Cigarette Packaging Requirements In France – Quality Requirements Of E-Cigarette Products

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As early as August 2016, France successively promulgated decrees 2016-1117 and 2016-1139 on the requirements for the manufacture, display, sale, and use of tobacco products, e-cigarettes, and smoking herbal products, transforming the EU TPD directive into part of its national public health law. With the normalization of the law enforcement process, in order to clarify the regulatory requirements, the official website of the General Administration of competition, consumption and anti-fraud (DGCCRF) provides a more detailed description of the quality requirements of e-cigarette products. This guide introduces you to the special requirements related to the control of e-cigarettes in France to help you export your products in compliance.

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E-Cigarette Packaging Requirements In France – Quality Requirements Of E-Cigarette Products

At present, the definition of electronic cigarette in the public health law is still nicotine containing products, but the DGCCRF official website states that whether electronic cigarette liquid contains nicotine is optional, that is, retail electronic cigarette products are also within the scope of supervision by the authorities.

– Nondrug e-cigarettes are subject to the general safety obligations in the consumer law and must comply with the latest provisions of the EU CLP regulation (EC) 1272/2008 and its amendment regulation (EU) 2017/776 on the classification, labeling, and packaging of dangerous mixtures, that is, from December 1, 2018, the supplementary e-cigarettes packaging containing nicotine must have a unified classification label;

– The package of electronic cigarette liquid products with nicotine content in the range of 0.25% – 1.66% (m/m) should be posted with “attention” signs; However, products of 1.67% (m/m) and above should be posted with danger signs. Relevant signs and preventive measures are illustrated as follows:

Product Packaging/Display Requirements

– The vape cartridge packaging and appearance of the product should not include the graphics of fruits or edible plants to symbolize the taste/aroma of the product;

– The product should not attract children’s curiosity or mislead consumers to accurately understand the nature of the product;

– Products can be sold online, but the product display page should contain information about the product’s risk level, such as harmful/toxic by skin contact, harmful/toxic by ingestion, etc.


Toxicity Center Noticed PCN

The public health law makes a number of provisions on hazardous substances and mixtures:

– E-cigarette refills classified as toxic (nicotine content ≥ 1.67%) must notify the poison center (PCN) of the toxicity;

– Any advertisement containing nicotine electronic cigarette liquid products must indicate the danger.



The full name of DGCCRF is “General Administration of competition, consumption and anti-fraud”, which is a subordinate administrative agency of the French Ministry of economy, finance and industry. The basic task of DGCCRF is to regulate and control all economic entities, including consumer interests, enterprises, and local governments. One of its guiding principles is to protect consumer interests and consumer safety. DGCCRF is the competent authority to supervise the quality and safety of consumer goods, including electronic cigarettes.

According to statistics, the smoking population in France accounts for as much as 25%. As one of the best-selling markets of e-cigarettes in the European Union, there are higher requirements for the control of e-cigarettes. The notifier of e-cigarettes should carefully evaluate the product compliance to fulfill the obligations stipulated in the public health law and the consumer law.

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