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How To Choose Jewelry Box Materials & Printings?

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Many potential joint venture makers of jewelry box sets may be curious as to why plastic jewelry cases with attached embryos were once so popular. The situation sharpened after 10 years. Paper jewelry boxes became a popular product line for several manufacturers. Personalized jewelry box packaging, which often uses the bronzing method, has led to confusion for many young people. Today, we will talk about 2 things about paper jewelry boxes.


How To Choose Jewelry Packaging Box Material

The first thing to note is that many plastic embryo boxes have a common characteristic: they are rather tall. Actually, they’re not great for the average customer. There are just two instances in which these jewelry containers might be useful. The first is to divide them out fairly, whether it’s a headpiece or a certain brand of suit. In this situation, having an excessive amount of plastic embryo boxes is a bulky issue, while having a paper bag printed just for you is another. The majority of the plastic embryo boxes are square, tall, and not very spacious on the bottom.


A suit’s loading balance point is elusive, yet the paper jewelry box is unique. The box style, with its dimensional heaven and earth cover and drawer box design, is favored by many producers of paper jewelry boxes. To accommodate the inner support, the height is often only 60%–70% of the plastic embryo box, the floor area, and cross area will extend to a sharp one, and paper bags may be stacked neatly like Legos.


The paper-mounting procedure used in the packaging of jewelry is another natural benefit. Many plastic embryo boxes have PU leather or other non-paper exterior paper-mounting on the surface. Even if there is a special paper with special treatment, You can also create some complicated processes on it, and the special paper itself is a sort of pretreatment process, and it also has a certain degree of beauty, making it stand out from the crowd of similarly designed jewelry boxes. Additionally, the distinctive special paper utilized as the paper-mounting paper in this series of jewelry package boxes may serve as a memorable emblem.


The purpose of a plastic embryo box or a paper jewelry box is intrinsic to each. It protects the jewelry while it is being sent. Actually, the end user, or consumer, how to go from the consumer’s point of view and make it easy for them to use it, and only when they use it joyfully and have a positive feeling of experience, will it be a genuinely significant improvement.


How To Choose Jewelry Packaging Box Printing

In the most common example, eighty percent of kids believe that the shiny gold utilized by jewelry paper bag producers is more costly than dull gold. Actually, you’re making a major error here. The causes of these phenomena and the observable shifts are not clear.


To begin, the jewelry and paper bag industry is not only to blame for the phenomena wherein brilliant gold is more costly than stupid gold. This is a common mistake made by newcomers to the packaging sector, especially those from smaller businesses. Heat transmission from hot stamping to paper, and the metallic hue of hot stamping (whether brilliant gold or dull gold), are major contributors to optical illusions. The vivid contrast will make the paper bag give off the initial impression that the cost of brightness will be greater, which will in turn impact the pricing cost when selecting the particular gold.


Specifically, why do companies who specialize in making paper bags for jewelry sell their brilliant gold at a discount relative to their stupid gold? Two primary causes may be identified. Two issues come to mind here: liquidity and the cost process. In general, the issue of the cost process will be impacted indirectly by liquidity. Dumb gold is generally more expensive than bright gold because its liquidity is not as strong, so ordinary dumb gold is likely to need to be made before the jewelry paper bag. If the manufacturer of the customized paper bag does not have the appropriate bronzing paper, it is very troublesome to go to the outside market because the quality of the purchased paper may not meet the requirements and the price fluctuation will be relatively large.


However, it’s not entirely accurate to say that all the jewelry paper bag manufacturers’ dumb gold is more expensive than the bright gold. This is because some bright metal colors might not be tradable, in which case the manufacturer would have to order them specifically for the hand bag at a flat rate or even a higher price.

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