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How to choose the packaging box?

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Packaging materials refer to manufacture different kinds of package like glass?plastic bottle and meet the packaging requirements of the products. They are the basic factor for the goods’package. Realizing and mastering the different type of packaging materials, then select rationally is one of the important conditions for packaging design. The choice of materials is very important in the packaging design.

Reasonable packaging materials should be considered from the following aspects:

? Whether it is met requirements of products

The choice of materials is not random. First of all, it should be combined with the characteristics of the goods, such as the condition of the goods (solid, liquid, etc.), and whether it is corrosive and volatile, and whether it needs to be stored in the dark.

? Whether it is set an appropriate market location

Choose the right packaging material from the grade of the product and the positioning of the consumer group. Packaging materials for high-end goods or precision instruments should be highly aesthetically pleasing and excellent in performance. The packaging materials for mid-range products should be both aesthetic and practical, while low-grade packaging materials should be practical

?Whether it is got effective protection of products

Packaging materials should be effective in protecting commodities, so they should have enough strength, toughness and flexibility to adapt external factors, such as pressure, shake and vibration.

?Whether it is economic and environmental protection

Packaging materials should be chosen widely as far as possible, easy to obtain, low cost, recyclable, biodegradable materials to avoid pollution.

?Whether it is nontoxic

The packaging material itself should be less toxic to avoid contaminating the product and affecting human health; the packaging material should be non-corrosive to protect the product.

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