How To Design Your Cosmetic Packaging Box Outstanding?
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How To Design A Cosmetic Packaging Box | Best Skincare & Makeup Box Design Ideas & Tips

38 views Published by March 26, 2021

The cosmetics industry can be said to have the most loyal customers. Beauty products can be found in bathrooms all over the world, whether the desired look is very natural or on the contrary very elaborate. That means if you want to grab the attention of consumers, you’re going to have to find a way to stand out from the crowd once your products are on Sephora shelves so that your target customers will tell themselves right away. So it is impossible here not to develop the revolutionary cosmetic packaging box that will guarantee the success of your collections. From optimal in-store visibility to an extraordinary unboxing experience for your online and offline cosmetic sales, Kali gives you all the tips to fit into an area that has not finished making your dream!

Custom Perfume Packaging Set
Custom Perfume Packaging Set

What Are The Ideal Cosmetic Packaging For Your Beauty Products?

The packaging is indeed the first thing that consumers notice. If the design of your packaging catches their eye and seems to be what they are looking for, chances are they will buy your product to try it out at home. You must therefore manage to get noticed by your sobriety or your exuberance, and optimal respect for the product. Something to arouse curiosity, hope to be taken in hand, and be able to move on to the next phase. Otherwise, your potential customer will simply walk away. But what’s really so special about the cosmetic packaging box?

  1. Shape Your Brand Identity

Brands also have personalities, which is a considerable purchasing factor. Chic or quirky, sensual or romantic, nature or luxury packaging… It is your values and decisions that define your image, and then it will be your colors, graphics, and the tone used on your cosmetic packaging that will help to transpose it visually. In other words, it’s up to you to define who you are and what makes your job special. It is only by knowing you in-depth that you will be able to value your products in the most beautiful way possible.

  1. Studying Your Target Clientele

Rather teenage girls looking for glittery colors? Mature women looking for the perfect complexion? Men wanting to take more care of their skin? Also, take the time to think about who your products are for. An essential phase to opt for the right positioning and bring your customers the solutions so it really needs.

  1. Use Design that Conveys Emotion to Stand Out

Very practical the mood board to gather your ideas. Combine the images, the sources of inspiration, and all those flashes of genius that are bubbling in your head!

  • By emotions – What idea are you trying to pass on to your customers? What is your brand’s history made of? It’s time to create a beautiful story that each element of your cosmetic packaging will tell in unison. It’s hard to stay authentic while playing with the imagination. However, you will have to find the balance between your values and the setting of a sublimated narrative that will attract all eyes to your brand.
  • By the colors – This is where color psychology comes in! A pastel blue will not convey the same ideas as a dark red. An appropriate choice of colors will allow you to silently reinforce your overall message, taking care of more space on your cosmetic packaging. Opt for a clear positioning by carefully putting in place an overall harmony.
  • By typography – Dare to use modern and bold fonts like Urban Decay. Is your brand rather girly with a strong character? A decorative font such as the one chosen by Too Faced will definitely be able to suit. A few serif fonts here to get a high-end Chanel style, or perhaps more classic but decidedly elegant writing if that’s what would suit your brand best. In the same way as colors or design, typography has all its importance in packaging for cosmetics. Avoid free fonts so you don’t meet them on a daily basis on a multitude of another packaging. And make sure you choose it clear and readable, even on a small box. Finally, choose it originally so that it becomes a real landmark for the customers of your brand. It’s not that easy.


How To Design A Outstanding Cosmetic Packaging Box?

Bet on a contemporary but also timeless look that will not go out of style too quickly and that will speak properly for your products all around the world. Here we share some Cosmetic Packaging box design tips that all without neglecting the security aspect of course, and compliance with the various quality procedures:

  1. Delicate Patterns

People always love the beautiful drawings made by hand! Here are some flowers, their geometric patterns or fruits perhaps, to echo the ingredients and scents that your skincare or makeup products may have used. If there is an artistic dimension to the beauty packaging box design, a pretty illustration like this will find its audience!

  1. Original Fonts

The trend as we have seen is for bold fonts that can regularly become a key part of your designs. Work lightly on the background then bet on innovative typography, all in relief and color contrasts with a nice light effect.

  1. Reusable packaging

Single-use packaging is enough! While plastic is gradually disappearing from manufacturing methods, cosmetic packaging is a great way to experiment with new alternatives. Recyclable and compostable paper bottles and boxes are widely used by international big brands. We will also appreciate a packaging box that can be preserved after use.

  1. Minimalism Trend

Today, it is impossible to miss the minimalist trend, and we can see that it adapts wonderfully to packaging box for cosmetics. By reducing the amount of packaging material used, in favor of a handful of quality items. By streamlining the design to keep only the essentials. Minimalism and originality are also completely compatible and will in no way prevent your packaging from making a real place on the shelves. Combine your sleek style with a few pastel shades that will bring a nice dose of softness.

  1. Wooden (Bamboo) Cosmetic Packaging Box

To stay true to its commitment, the natural brand Zao Make-Up now offers its cosmetic products in bamboo containers. An innovative idea that is necessarily accompanied by recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging. Why not take inspiration from this idea to breathe a little bit of nature into your packaging? Some great skincare products in particular have already dared to use wooden box packaging, it’s your turn!

  1. Limited-edition cosmetic packaging

Offering a limited edition or a small edition offers a real added value to the products concerned. The anniversary or fashionable editions that everyone will want to get hold of are yours! Be innovative while remaining faithful to your values, and surprise your customers with attractive packaging for cosmetics, the difference of which will be justified by the ephemeral aspect. The opportunity to experiment with pretty gilding or a different printing technique that you can reuse later depending on how it was received.

  1. Eco-friendly Cosmetic Packaging

Natural cosmetics inevitably call for environmentally friendly packaging. Even if you still have some efforts to make in terms of your formulas for that matter, a custom packaging box for eco-friendly cosmetics will inevitably touch the sensibilities of a large number of consumers. Kali focuses on glass but also on recycled paper or cardboard, easier to work with and personalize. Light colors, green or kraft, for example, will immediately give a very natural look to the whole.

  1. Add Personalized Elements

Personalization is gaining ground in all sectors. Why not allow your website customers to design tailor-made packaging for a unique gift idea? In a physical store, this also involves pretty inscriptions, such as a compliment or a little dialogue that you will establish with your consumer.

  1. Interactive Unpackaging

A packaging designed like a pinball machine with a silver ball to roll through obstacles, you should take a try on your beauty packaging boxes, which will surely offer a special opening experience to impress your customers. The result is innovative cosmetic packaging that won’t end up in the trash right out of the box!

  1. Essential Printing Methods

A multitude of possibilities is at your disposal for your packaging for cosmetics. The most innovative techniques are now within the reach of this booming industry. Keeping in mind that elaborate packaging is bound to be more expensive, don’t hesitate to think about choosing a suitable and innovative print. Embossing, 3D effect ink, engraving, or gilding, enough to give your packaging a real high-end appearance that will justify a higher selling price.

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