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Top 10 Creative Eco-Friendly Packaging Ideas To Save Energy and Keep Green

35 views Published by May 11, 2022

Sustainability and eco-friendly packaging are things that seem to bring out the best in designers. From sports shoes to wine, at Luxury-Paper-Box.Com, a professional paper packaging company, we present the most innovative and ecological packaging ideas that will love and hopefully soon be widely used worldwide.


Top 10 Most Creative Ecological Packaging Ideas Benefit Your Business & Environment

Plastic was a great solution when it was invented in 1860. But at the time no one imagined that it would become a gigantic ecological problem because it takes more than 1,000 years to destroy. Also, the materials from which it is made usually have toxic chemicals that, when in contact with food, cause damage to health. That is why most companies have implemented eco-friendly solutions that allow them to offer their products to the public without harming the environment.

In this blog, we have compiled some of the most interesting proposals that have begun to be used in some countries. Hopefully, it will soon be commonplace in all corners of the world.


  1. Box and instruction manual in one

The camera brand Nikon commissioned designer Karin Hilgenkamp to create a box that was also the user manual. Once the buyer removes the camera, they press on the sides of the box and follow the instructions to put together a small instruction book that you can easily keep for future reference. This project meets the requirement to give a long life to the packaging.


  1. Edible Wrapping Paper

Usually, near the food stalls are thrown away a lot of food waste that, in addition to spoiling the decoration of the city, pollutes the environment.

The famous Kentucky Fried Chicken chain also joined the effort to avoid the garbage generated by packaging. In 2015, KFC England’s subsidiary commissioned The Robin Collective, a studio that creates edible packaging, to make a glass for coffee. The glass is made from a type of biscuit very popular in England, which they call a biscuit, which is wrapped in a layer of sugar paper and heat-resistant white chocolate. So when you finish drinking the coffee, people can eat the delicious glass.


  1. Packages that are planted

The organic and sustainable beauty industry could not be left behind in this fight for environmental care. Planting grass. Adidas is another footwear company that approaches environmental management. Designer Tia Hughes created recycled material packaging for a line of soccer shoes. What does it consist of? The cardboard is impregnated with grass seeds, allowing customers to plant it after buying it. Fortunately, this is an idea that has been applied for a long time.


  1. Packaging as a gift

This idea of wine packaging can not only be reused but also becomes part of the present. Icon Packaging created a wooden wine box with handles that do not require additional bags. After transporting and delivering the present, the parts can be disassembled. When you reassemble them, they form an elegant bottle rack. It is possible to combine several containers to create a larger bottle rack.


  1. Biodegradable packaging

Tomorrow Machine is a Swedish studio, with offices in Stockholm and Paris, specializing in designing packaging and food concepts. To achieve this, its team of researchers and designers test different organic materials. The ingredients they experiment with include caramelized sugar, beeswax, agar-agar gelatin, and water. The result is not only biodegradable and effective packaging to preserve the contents in good condition, but also attractive to the eye.


  1. Frustration-Free Packaging from Amazon

Amazon has the Frustration-Free Packaging initiative that incentivizes brands to reduce the total amount of packaging used in each product, with the aim of reducing waste.  In this way, the company managed in 2017 to reduce waste by 16% and the number of boxes used by 305 million. Combining this trend with others highlighted by experts in recent congresses such as the commitment to the local, interaction with the consumer, or personalization is one of Amazon’s challenges.


  1. Eco-Friendly Resealable Bags

The practicality of resealable bags already has an ecological alternative. These are washable resealable bags made by the company Blue Avocado. They can be used, over and over again, to transport everything from personal products to food, because they are drip-proof.


  1. Water in Paper Boxes

Being able to carry a portion of water anywhere is so practical that the sale of bottled water quickly skyrocketed; however, the plastic from which this type of packaging is made is highly polluting. Although many companies have strived to give useful alternative uses to empty bottles, the truth is that it will be present for a long time. Boxed Water proposes a solution using cardboard boxes as packaging.


  1. The Hangerpack

Designer Steve Haslip was tired of the crumpled T-shirts coming to his door and an ever-getting-bigger closet without enough hangers. So he invented a packaging design that solved both problems at the same time, the Hangerpack, where the box is transformed into a hanger to hang. That way, it not only makes your life easier, but also reduces the use of cardboard.


  1. Banana leaves instead of bags

The Rimping supermarket chain in Chiangmai, Thailand, uses banana leaves to wrap vegetables. These leaves are known to stay green longer (which means they don’t lose flexibility) and have fibers that make them very hardy. Therefore, they are organic wastes that are destroyed naturally and without contamination.


Which of these packages should be used in your country? Would you buy packaged products this way? Luxury-Paper-Box.Com, as a traditional paper packaging manufacturer, is also committed to developing and designing more environmentally friendly packaging for customers.

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