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Top 5 Main Advantages of Paper Food Gift Boxes

61 views Published by February 28, 2021

When the consumer is shopping, the food packaging box can decide whether the consumer will put it in the shopping cart. The importance of food packaging boxes is not only because it can protect the safety of food, but it can also subtly influence consumers’ purchasing decisions.
After the paper was invented a long time, it was mainly used for writing and painting. With the change of the times and the advancement of technology, the use of paper has also begun to be widely used for packaging food, and it continues to this day. And in today’s market, the paper is also widely used to make food packaging boxes, especially gift boxes for chocolate packaging? Why is that? The following are the 5 main advantages of paper food gift boxes.

Custom Hexagonal Food Boxes
Custom Hexagonal Food Boxes

1. Paper Gift Box can resist bacteria
Studies have shown that paper packaging boxes can resist bacteria, not only because of the original ecology of paper materials, but also because of the sterilizing production process. The temperature of the gray board production has reached above 90 degrees Celsius, which can eliminate many bacteria and germs. This means that paper packaging boxes are a very good choice for packaging food.

2. Affect the preservation time of food
A study conducted in Spain in 2016 found that storing fruits in corrugated cardboard trays can reduce cross-contamination and thus extend the shelf life of fruits. In addition, the researchers also found that fruits placed in paper trays can keep fresh for 48 to 72 hours longer than plastic trays.

3. Paper packaging boxes are more attractive
Paper packaging boxes are extremely creative in terms of style, structure design, color, size, and printing. Market research shows that the appearance of any product packaging is the primary way to attract customers. The paper packaging has greatly helped businesses achieve personalized and recognizable custom food packaging.

4. Paper packaging boxes make food more high-end
Due to the plasticity and comfortable touch of paper packaging boxes, most consumers think that paper packaging boxes will be more high-end than other materials. Some consumers even think that paper food packaging boxes will make food look more authentic.

5. Safety and environmental protection
For many consumers, paper packaging boxes are safer than other materials. The paper packaging box is very sturdy and durable, which can effectively prevent the food from being damaged by external factors. On the other hand, paper packaging boxes are 100% recyclable and very eco-friendly.

All in all, providing consumers with paper gift boxes can have an extraordinary impact on your business, not only to ensure food safety, but also to increase food sales. At the same time, food gift boxes have also become the trend of gift giving during the holiday season.

Where To Order High Quality Custom Paper Food Gift Boxes?

KALI provides you some of the most delightful custom food packaging boxes which leave the customers mouth watered. Its enticing prints capture all the attention on busy shelves and make it irresistible for visitors to have it and taste it. You can gift these boxes as a delightful and sweet gesture to your loved ones on special occasions. Our artistic teams create a little more addition to give your box a nice decorative closure.
However, with all facilities these custom chocolate boxes, candy gift boxes are very affordable to have and that too of good quality. You are served to make countless variations to your box to better presenting your brand. These custom chocolate/candy gift boxes are all printed containing your brand logo and other details which differentiates it among many food gift boxes available in the market. Our custom chocolate boxes offer you more than presentation and affordable price; these chocolate boxes provide the right amount of protection to your delicate chocolates from moisture and heat keeping them protected and in their shape.
Choose KALI as your packaging partner because we don’t provide you with just ordinary benefits. Here’s a list of benefits you can get if you choose KALI as your partner.

  • Our Experience
    Kali has been one of the leading packaging companies for the last ten years in China. Our years of experience have led us to take hold of the US market. Our strong connections with suppliers and distributors help us produce high-quality chocolate gift boxes for you.
  • 100% Customization
    KALI fully authorizes its customers to design their custom chocolate boxes according to their desire. Whether you want a different shape, size, style, or color our designers can make it happen.
  • Innovative and High-Quality Boxes
    Creating innovative custom chocolate boxes of high-quality is what we aim for. So, don’t resist and order your chocolate boxes from KALI today.
  • Green Environment
    We produce custom chocolate boxes that are eco-friendly. Hence, we contribute towards the green environment.
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