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What Do You Know About Packaging Printing – Printing Working Principles, Characterists And More

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The box packaging is the continuation of the commodity production process in the circulation process and is an indispensable condition for the commodity to enter the circulation and consumption field.  Decorative patterns, patterns, or words are printed on the packaging to make the product more attractive or more illustrative, so as to promote the product. Including the printing of eyeshadow palette, mailer box, chocolate box and more. Packaging printing occupies a large proportion in the printing industry and packaging industry, which is an indispensable part of packaging engineering. This article will tell you everything you need to know about printing, as well as the function and advantage of packaging printing.

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The Difference Between Traditional Printing Ink And Printing Ink

1. Oil-based ink is used in traditional printing, while water-based ink is used in printing;

2. The traditional color printing process is four-color overprint, while the printing process is 6-color or 8-color overprint, which explains why there is a big color difference between the printed color and the printed color for the same document;

3. The viscosity of traditional printing ink is higher than that of printing ink, so the adhesion of printing ink is better than that of printing ink.


 Working Principle Of Printing 

1. Printing can choose one of the suitable printing methods according to the different substrates. These printing methods include offset printing, relief printing, intaglio printing, screen printing, transfer printing, etc. according to the different printing methods, the required contents can be printed on various substrates such as rubber, metal, paper, plastic, glass, etc., while printing can only be done on ordinary paper Work on the sheet;

2. Printing is to present the image through the distribution of dots, while color printing is to display the fineness of the printed picture according to the ink dot distribution of the printer, and the printing accuracy is far lower than that of printing;

3. The printing method needs plate making before printing, and the printing method can save this link;

4. The printing format can reach 1194mm * 889mm, while at present the largest printing format is 330mm * 540mm. Printing has great advantages in this area.


 The Cost Of Printing

1. For the live parts within 100 units, the printing cost is low due to the need of plate making;

2. For more than 100 printed live parts, the advantages of the printing method begin to appear, and with the increase of the printed quantity, the printing cost is even lower. Generally, when the printed quantity reaches 1000, the printing cost is about 20% of the printing cost.


As printing emphasizes quantity, the suitable live parts for printing are limited to mass printing, including carton packaging printing, brochure printing, handbag printing, self-adhesive printing, publication printing, manual printing, etc; However, printing is limited to the disadvantages of small format and high cost. It is only suitable for printing some small formats and small batches of live parts, such as recipes, leaflets and so on.


Functions And Characteristics Of Packaging Printing

The role of printing

There are relief printing, plate printing, gravure printing, screen printing, orifice printing and other printing methods. The main elements of printing are paper, ink, color, etc. Packaging and printing need to take into account the economy, environmental protection and other issues, and need to be able to fully and well express the information that needs to be printed at the same time. Printing technology is the reproduction technology of graphic information, and printed matter is the information carrier of spreading scientific and cultural knowledge. Printed matter is the carrier of words and images, the tool of information transmission, the medium of cultural transmission, the reproduction of art works, the way of beautifying packaging, and the means of commodity publicity. It is the spiritual food and material basis of people’s daily life, and has become an indispensable part of human life.


Characteristics Of Printing

1. Replicability

Printing industry is a special processing industry, whose task is to copy the graphic information in the original, which is the basis and basis of printing operation. From the information point of view, printing process is the process of analog information digitization (A / D conversion) – digital information processing – digital information analog reproduction (D / a conversion).

2. Artistry

Printing is the crystallization of technology and art, which has always been recognized as “sacred art” and “mother of civilization” in the world. The process of copying the original is also the process of art processing. Printing practitioners should have a certain ability of art appreciation, accurately grasp the artistic characteristics and style of the original, adopt appropriate copying means and process methods, reproduce the charm of the original, and enhance its artistic expression through image processing.


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