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What Is Biodegradable & Environmentally Friendly Packaging?

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Because of the scope of use, most express bags are disposable packaging bags. Due to people’s bad habits such as garbage classification and recycling and weak awareness, nine out of ten express bags will be discarded at will after use, resulting in a large area of environmental health pollution. The urgent task is to face up to the problem of express bag garbage and make it one of the environmental protection projects and get people’s attention. Today, we talk about environmentally friendly and biodegradable packaging.


In order to reduce the pollution of express bag packaging waste, most people believe that, on the one hand, e-commerce sellers and other people who often need to use express should have the intention of environmental protection, not over packaging, reduce unnecessary packaging, etc; On the other hand, people still need to develop good habits and concepts of waste classification and treatment. But in fact, to reduce garbage pollution such as express bag packaging, we also need to make efforts from the production technology innovation. Only in this way can we work together to achieve remarkable results. What is the general situation of production technology innovation? For example, produce and use some recyclable or degradable environmental protection packaging.


So what is environmentally friendly packaging? What kind of packaging can be called environmentally friendly packaging?

1.  Environmental protection packaging bags can be divided into recycled material packaging bags and new material packaging bags. In the process of packaging bag production, the packaging bag added with decomposed masterbatch is called decomposed packaging bag, which can be automatically decomposed under certain conditions after 90 days.


2. There is also a kind of packaging bag that can melt naturally when exposed to sunlight or moisture. The degradable packaging bag is produced by polyolefin resin, adding degrading and other raw materials. Its appearance can promote the process of reducing or eliminating white pollution.


3. Recyclable packaging bags that can be recycled after use. Degradable packaging bag has become an indispensable part of people’s life. With the increasing living standards and more and more attention to health, people begin to pay more attention to the materials and quality of biodegradable packaging bags. At the same time, enterprises in various industries are also interested in the R & D, production, and application of such packaging.


Accelerate the construction of a green city, build a green production mode, consumption mode, and lifestyle, promote green development, circular development and low-carbon development, and strengthen environmental protection and ecological maintenance. Environmental protection packaging bags, a new packaging product, will certainly drive the changes and upgrading of packaging material enterprises, and produce a series of biodegradable packaging bags, all biodegradable packaging bags, which will help the development of society!


Biodegradable packaging – in the past few years, this product has gradually become familiar to most customers. With its outstanding advantages and characteristics, it is considered to be a breakthrough product line and a new direction in today’s packaging industry. Therefore, to better understand this type of packaging, please refer to our article below.


What is biodegradable packaging?

Biodegradable packaging is a product packaging with plant cellulose as the main component. They are highly praised by research experts and are selected as one of the most environmentally friendly packaging products in the market today. It has plant cellulose that is conducive to organic decomposition to ensure the safety of users and the surrounding environment. However, they are widely used in China because of the great cost difference.


Advantages of biodegradable packaging

Biodegradable packaging is more than just ordinary packaging. Researchers have made a lot of efforts to create a sustainable packaging solution with outstanding advantages, such as:


Easy to decompose

Biodegradable packaging is easy to decompose under natural conditions, whether indoors or outdoors. This product does not contain additives and may begin to degrade when exposed to heat and light in the natural environment.


No pollution to the environment

Different from the plastic packaging which is harmful to human health and needs to be decomposed for hundreds of years, its main component is cellulose, which will be decomposed into CO2, water and humus under the influence of the environment, leaving no harmful substances that pollute the living environment.


Easy to print

This product is also very suitable for enterprises that want to enhance their image and develop their brands, because they are easy to print on the surface.


No impact on human health

Biodegradable packaging has optical properties, stability and excellent waterproof performance, so they help prevent the invasion of bacteria and protect human health. In particular, the type of packaging used to contain food.

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