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Praises From The Client

3,028 views Published by October 27, 2020

sample box 1  Pat is one of our clients from South
Africa.  He contacted me 

  cause he was not
satisfied with the packaging box quality from

  his local supplier,as well as their service.  And he was worrying 

  whether we can find the same quality and color material, cause

  they were using for all their products
all the time, he was not 

  willing to change it.

After receiving the sample box, we
found that, the workmanship was really very poor 

the material cutting and
finished way was very traditional which cause higher cost.  

indicated the problems and tell how to
improve it, and suggested to make right 
angel edge 

sample box 2   at side and round edge at
top, then the box looking more 

  For material, either special paper or
inlay lining fabric, 
we all 

  found the same quality  and color one as his

  the printing and
packaging industry chain is very 
mature in China, 

  especially in the Pearl River
Delta Economic 
Zone which our city 

  locate in. You can even find any related materials and accessories, 

  or can customize anything you need. 

   After shipment, we got the satisfaction
letter as below,

email from pat

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