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An Interesting Client

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different style box 1

Krich is one of our clients and good friend.He is a hard working man, and very 

facetious in talking, He is very interested in Chinese culture and Chinese kongfu 

and know much about them, Like he said, China is his second country. Every 

time we stay together, we take much more time in talking about each other 

and Chinese culture rather than business.  

different style box 2We knew him while they were just starting perfume business.We support him in 

designing many luxury packages for his different target market.  And help him to 

source different material suppliers in China. Every time he hasnew development, 

he would share us the bottle picture firstly and ask us the packaging idea. The funny 

is he also likes to use Chinese traditional style patterns in their paper box design, but 

every time we work together to make it fresh and fantastic. 

business is growing up very well, cause their customers are very happy with
their product 
quality and 

appearance.  In
his words,
is their most important strategic supplier partner 
to make them succeed.

   chatting with krich

 His feedback as bellow,

email from krich

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