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How to make a paper box

1,107 views Published by October 27, 2020

Edilyn is a pretty and smart girl.
She is doing makeup business.  She visited us at a cosmetic show looking for a
special packaging box for her eyelash.  Like she said, she want her customers to be surprised
while opening the box, and the product
display effect should be very visual.  In
this case 
we suggested to create a personalized plastic mask first, then design
the box according to the mask.

model process



We spent near half year in
developing this paper box with mask.  finished boxCause she is
 very strict and perfectionistic to her products. We adjusted the mask shape by
many times from doing clay mold to 3D printing and final metal mold for
injection.  It is  a really hard time during
this period, we talked via Email, WhatsApp, phone call and video chat to get
the in time confirmation.  Finally, the
product come out is really amazing, she is very happy with it and got a strong
sales.  She was very grateful for our

We are so happy as well that we
created a nice product to world. The client’s satisfaction is our great motivation
to continue our insisting and promoting our creativity. That’s the stories of how to make a paper box.

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