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7,596 views Published by May 7, 2019

 Management Team

This is a group of people full of passion for paper packaging products.It’s our mission to enhance our customers’brand image with beautiful high-end paper box.With the value love,responsibility,reliability and excellence,we always deliver products and service beyond our clients’expectation.

Sales Team

Our highly self-motivated sales team are well equipped with products know-how.Not only can they response to your demands immediately, but also able to guide you to satisfactory packaging solution.They are always ready to work for you, day and night on working day and weekend.

Design Team

    We have creative designers both home and abroad. They are sensitive to international new trends in paper packaging design.


R&D Team

    6 technicians with many years expertise in high-end paper box industry.Capable of providing paper packaging solutions and making beautiful samples.           R&D

Handcraft Team 

     About 150 stable and skilled handcraft workers dedicating in producing exquisite paper box.