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5 Spring Summer Fashion Trend 2021 – New Summer 2021 Styles

55 views Published by May 29, 2021

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends can be exhausting, stressful, and bad for our wallets. But it’s worth keeping on-trend, furthermore, the great thing about fashion trends is that they always come back in and out. As the temperature rises and the heatwave sweeps across the West Coast, you need to try the latest fashion styles this season to spend this summer. What to look out for 2021 wearable fashion trends? At honesthairfactory.com, we share some ideas of upcoming fashion trends this spring summer 2021.


New Summer Spring Fashion Styles 2021

This summer 2021 fashion trends guide is mostly getting inspirations from the 1960s and 70s fashion. During the 60s, clothing was revolutionary and projecting all the different kinds of social, political and all the changes were happening. Are you hyped for the return of the retro look? The following fashion trend ideas not only make you in the style spotlight but also are great gift ideas for your friends as long as you have trendy gift box packaging to pair with.


Sweater Vests

A diamond lattice sweater vest, argyle pattern sweater vest, and Jude sweater scream to ’90s. Classic and retro sweater vest has re-entered the fashion scene for changeable weather,  people worn under jackets in the winter, a white button-up blouse underneath in spring or fall, in summer can be worn sleeveless. However, a sweater vest may also turn a moist ensemble into something. It’s easy to wear, no one can say no to vintage aesthetic crisp white polo, sweater vest, and a plaid skirt or khakis. When contemporary luxury brands like PradaGucci, and Dior are getting in on the sweater vest craze, you should try a sweater vest to elevate a day look. It girls just don’t afraid of wearing sweaters in summer.

Tank Top

Say goodbye to your traditional T-shirt; the summer fashion trend 2021 is leaning towards tank tops. High-cut, clavicle-showing racer-front tank is a hot trending in summer. Tank Top can be both casual and formal side depending on what you pair with. It’s an everyday essential and is perfect for layering in cooler weather and enjoying the sun’s (eventual) return on its own. You can mix and match casual looks, like jersey tops and printed t-shirts, with high-waisted denim. Try tank top to raise your fashion credentials, they’re the ultimate go-to for summer days.

Halter Tops

Are halter tops in style? You probably have seen halter tops, halter dresses already come up at the beginning of spring. Halter tops are linked with the late nineties and early aughts but ended later on, it comes back at the top trend now in 2021. As a must-have fashion item in the wardrobe of the most popular influencer or celebrities in the new millennium, the halter style has become a classic and sexy style, perfect for showing some skin. They are so comfy and cute, in addition, easy to wear with anything, from miniskirts to jeans and trousers.

Detached Sleeves

Detached sleeves are a hot fashion trend for 2021, callbacks to Y2K style, usually comes with halter tops, cool prints and bold colors. Or it can be the cut-out sleeves. Detached sleeves are the next must-have accessory!

Chunky Jewelry

Chunky rings, chunky necklaces, chunky hoops were one of the most sought-after jewelry trends of 2021. From your favorite “It” girls to artists and musicians, it seemed like everyone was flaunting a super iced-out version around their neck. The beauty of such declaration items is that they may function beautifully on naked or layered flesh over clothes. Try placing any chunky accessories over, for example, a shirt or blouse – just make sure it lays flat on the body so that it suits your outfits well. Furthermore, you can get this chunky jewelry along with a luxury jewelry box, send it to your besties as a gift.


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