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Advent Calendar Design Ideas 2021 – Best Christmas Gift Boxes

34 views Published by September 6, 2021

Every year at Christmas it is popular again – the Advent calendar! Whether it’s an advent calendar for cosmetics, chocolate, jewelry, or tea – we will help you find the perfect advent calendar for you and your product. Together with your idea and our knowledge, we produce a custom advent calendar according to your wishes, which is only available once. This makes it particularly good for marketing your products or simply as a gift for customers or employees.

advent calendar cardboard box
advent calendar cardboard box

Advent Calendar Made Of Small Folding Boxes

An advent calendar with small folding boxes inserted is classic and elegant. The numbers on the folding boxes are even tangible due to a hot foil embossing and thus stand out clearly from the background. In addition, the viewing window gives you a glimpse into the interior. The cardboard box in which the 24 small folding boxes are hidden is also made of a very elegant natural cardboard, which is particularly characterized by its stability.

  • Folding boxes with or without a viewing window
  • A wide range of finishing options – such as blind embossing, hot foil embossing, and much more
  • Wide range of packaging, adapted to the content


Advent Calendar as Display with Folding Boxes

A classic is, of course, the advent calendar. A display as an advent calendar immediately catches the eye and is therefore a great companion through the Christmas season. A large selection of gift boxes is also available here. Here, for example, a special combination of stand and folding box with the hollow wall can be seen. The advent calendar can thus be presented both on a set and lying down. In the bottom of the box, there is an inlay adapted by us for you, which in this case holds the 24 folding boxes.

  • Displays as advent calendars can be placed anywhere and serve as an eye-catcher on tables and counters
  • Combination of stands and lockable boxes possible
  • Extensive design options


Magnetic Box with Matching Inlay as Custom Advent Calendar

A very special box can be found in the magnetic box. The magnetic closure is not only a good choice visually, but also due to the noise that the closure of the box makes when closing. If you then choose a haptically appealing material and fill the advent calendar with something delicious, you appeal to all the senses with the magnetic box. The inlay can then be customized to your desired content to keep everything in place.

  • Magnetic box can be filled with desired content by matching inlay
  • Magnetic box as a particularly high-quality Advent calendar
  • Wide range of materials and, if desired, also with finishing


Advent Calendar Made of Pillow Boxes & Hinged Boxes

The list of boxes that are suitable for your advent calendar is long. Because depending on how you want to use the calendar, all doors are open to you. Bag boxes can be placed in a box or in a large box. Pillow boxes could be hung up and in folding boxes bags with small gifts can be accommodated. The design of the boxes is entirely up to you.

  • Depending on your creativity, each box is suitable for an Advent calendar
  • The advent calendar can be designed according to your wishes


All Surface Finishes are Available For Advent Calendars

Due to the Christmas season, the Advent calendar is particularly suitable for looking solemn. You can achieve this with our large selection of finishes for the selected boxes of the calendar. You are free to decide and we will be happy to advise you on the material and the matching finishing.

  • Finishes such as blind embossing, hot foil embossing, partial or full-surface UV varnishing
  • Striking spot colors/metallic colors
  • Laser punching
  • A cardboard insert to match their contents
  • Viewing windows can provide the first insight into the Advent calendar
  • Packaging Sleeve around the advent calendar can be personalized and thus made even more personal


Your advent calendars can be made with us according to exact specifications, whereby a wide selection of materials is available to you. In addition, you can fall back on one or more refinements to make the Advent calendar even more festive. Our customer service is always at your side for the selection as well as for questions.


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