All You Need To Know About Perfume Types And Concentrations
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All You Need To Know About Perfume Types And Concentrations

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Perfume has become a necessity in many people’s daily life. It is no longer a female patent. It is also an essential item for men to go out. Perfume is a unique charm that allows many people to indulge in it. How to choose men’s perfume? How much do you know about men’s perfume? Next, we will share the basic flavor of men’s cologne, the concentration and how long can it maintain? So that you can pick the perfect scent!


Major Types Of Men’s Fragrances



As the name suggests, freshness has a refreshing smell. Typical citrus aromas are lemon and grapefruit. Citrus flavor refers to the aroma of lemon, orange, bergamot and other spices with a touch of sweet and sour, which can cause a happy mood, so it is very popular, and there is no gender restriction. But because of its strong volatility and short fragrance retention time, it is more suitable for people who love sports and travel, and it is also very suitable for summer travel. The smell gives a pleasant and young impression, so it is especially suitable for teenagers and young people in their twenties. It has a fresh citrus aroma and is recommended for mood change.



Herbaceous is the smell that makes you feel herbaceous. It has a refreshing natural smell, reminiscent of plant leaves and grass green plants. It is find everything fresh and new, and find everything fresh and new. Sometimes it has a strong sense of reason, including those with green and foam, which make it easy for all ages to smell.



It has the fragrance of flowers and is made in the image of flowers. In the past, I gave the impression of women, but recently men are more popular. An odor that makes others feel elegant and soft. The typical smell is rose and jasmine. The fragrance of flowers and wood can be used without gender. It has many kinds, sometimes it is a single fragrance, but many times it uses a variety of flowers to create a new fragrance. For example, the famous Chanel NO.5 contains more than 130 flavors.



A lot of perfume for heavy and solemn feeling is woody. According to research and investigation, the classic woody fragrance is “the most favorite smell for women to smell on men”, which generally comes from the relatively thick smell of sandalwood, cedar, patchouli and oak, giving people the feeling of walking in the jungle. Make you feel the fragrance of trees and forests. It exudes a light and peaceful atmosphere, and you can also create a mysterious atmosphere. It is also a classic and popular fragrance for men.



Fougere is also called fern fragrance. Some people compare it to “the combination of all fragrance types”, because it belongs to the structural fragrance type. Contains the fragrance of lavender, geranium and other flowers, as well as moss, wood and hot spices. This kind of fragrance is rich and thick, warm and sexy, giving people masculine masculinity. On the market, it is the most popular perfume for men and the flavor of men’s products.


What Is Concentration In Perfume

All perfume has information about “perfume over time” and “perfume concentration”. The more you know, the more you can enjoy the fragrance. The scent changes with time

  • Pre-tune: about 30 minutes after coating.
  • Medium tone: after the first tune, it lasts for 1 to 4 hours.
  • Last tone: 2-4 hours after use, the odor will remain until it disappears.


For example, when trying perfume in a store, the perfume just served is the first fragrance. Remove the highly volatile odor from it and then turn it into medium tone, which is the main smell that makes you feel the perfume theme. The last note is made by mixing it with human body taste. However, according to the different aroma systems and products, the aroma of some of the preceding ingredients lasted for several minutes, while the aroma of some postscript components lasted about half a day. The generation time of the most distinctive aroma varies with the product, so we suggest you try it before you buy it.


Men’s Cologne And Fragrance Concentration

The concentration of flavor depends on the balance of “aroma”, “alcohol” and “water” contained in the flavor. This will change the duration of the odor, so it will be used in different ways.


  • Perfume Or Parfum

The concentration of aroma is higher than that of Eau De Toilette, and the duration of aroma is about 5 hours. When you want to make it fragrant.


  • Eau De Toilette

The duration of odor is about 3-4 hours. You can wear it in the morning, and the smell will disappear at lunchtime, so you can wear another smell in the afternoon.


  • Eau De Cologne

It has the lowest of the three concentrations and is easy to use. The smell lasts 1 to 2 hours, so you can use it according to your mood.

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