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Why Do People Say Paper Material Is Best Choice For Gift Packaging ?

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As a signal to the person who receives the gift, beautiful packaging box is directly related to whether the people’s relationship can be improved. There are vaious of packaging materials to select. From paper, wood, plastic, leather and metal, each material gives people a different feeling. The paper material is very common, but the processing is more complicated. Leather seems more luxury, plastic generally plays an auxiliary role, while natural materials such as bamboo and grass are still useless.

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Paper box is account for a great proportion in China packaging industries. According to the different types of package box, the choice of materials is also very different: 1. Low-grade packaging carton: a. Use more than 350 grams of white cardboard to print the film, die-cut into type. b. For a slightly higher grade, use 300 grams of white paperboard to paste the paper into a paper card, then print, film, and die-cut. 2, mid-range Shenzhen packaging carton: printing surface is more than 250 grams -300 grams of aluminum foil paper and 300 grams of white paper to paste the paper into a cardboard, printing film and then die-cutting.


Paper is one of most non-toxic material to avoid contaminating the product and affecting human health;

Whether it is convenient for printing, Packaging materials should be suitable for processing, easy to mechanize and automation,and to adapt the large-scale production.
Packaging materials refer to manufacture different kinds of package like glass?plastic bottle and meet the packaging requirements of the products. They are the basic packaging factor for the goods. Realizing and mastering the different type of packaging materials, then select rationally is one of the important conditions for packaging design. The choice of materials is very important in the packaging design, if the selection is not appropriate, it will bring unnecessary losses to the enterprise. Reasonable packaging materials should be considered from the following aspects.


In addition to the attractive domestic market, the export market for Chinese products is also optimistic. After joining the WTO, the export value of China’s major export products is expected to increase by about 8 billion US dollars to about 10 billion US dollars per year. The increase in the export volume of products will definitely drive the growth of the corresponding product packaging.

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