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How To DIY Eyelash Boxes Yourself – Custom Fake Eyelash Packaging Guide

61 views Published by January 28, 2023

False eyelashes, often known as artificial eyelashes, are a popular way to enhance the appearance of one’s eyes. The eyes will seem larger, brighter, fuller, and more active if the eyelashes are lengthened and thickened. In fact, fake eyelashes have been around for quite some time. Documents from as early as 2000 BC reveal that both the ancient Egyptians and the Romans used fake eyelashes. False eyelashes may be produced from a variety of materials, including plastic, cotton, feathers, and others; these materials all have their own effects (such as dramatic stage effects) to exhibit. Now, we talk about how to make false eyelash packaging boxes all by yourself.


False Eyelash Box Design Guide – How To DIY A Eyelash Packaging

False eyelashes are returned to their original package after usage. False eyelashes are often lost and difficult to apply using the packaging they typically come in since traditional false eyelash boxes only hold the eyelashes in place. A custom eyelash box for do-it-yourself fake eyelashes is presented as a solution to the aforementioned issues. The traditional packaging box for false eyelashes merely has the function of placing the eyelashes in the box when placing false eyelashes; it does not have the function of fixing the false eyelashes, which makes the false eyelashes easily scattered and not easy to use, which is the problem that this article seeks to address.


The following technological solutions will let you create your own artificial eyelash box:

The utility prototype is a container for storing and protecting fake eyelashes. The storage box has a cavity construction inside and on top. A divider, some mounting plates, several sponge strips, and a few slots are all included in the box’s inside. Placing a divider between the eyelash containers is a time- and labor-saving method of organization; Putting on a helmet is made easier by designating a certain spot for it; Numerous first-placement plates and second-placing plates are permanently fastened to the mounting plate’s periphery, and a clamp plate is fastened to one end of each of the first putting plate and second placing plate. Placement the fake eyelashes between the first and second placing plates allows the clamp plate to secure them in place, keep them from flying around, and make application much simpler; A reflector and many mounting columns are permanently attached to the top surface of the inner wall of the box cover, making it easy for users to accessorize by positioning the reflector.

-A hanging plate is permanently fastened to the inside of the storage box and the box lid, a spring is fastened to the inside of the installation column, and the upper end of the spring is fastened to a buffer rod. The buffer rod may compress the spring and function as shock absorbance when the storage box is hit by the spring.

-Lock slots are permanently inserted on the front surface of the storage box, and locks are affixed to the front surface of the box lid. The lock buckle and slot both include slots on their front sides, with the slot also housing insert blocks. To avoid losing your fake eyelashes, just secure the container and its lid using the included lock buckle and lock slot.

-There are two of everything, including the mounting plates, positioning holes, and sponge strips, and they are organized in a symmetrical fashion relative to the divider.

-There is the same number of first and second placement plates, and the first plate is positioned higher than the second.

-The spring compresses the buffer rod as it moves along the mounting column.

-The insertion block slides into and locks into the slot, while the lock catch clamps into and fits into the lock slot.


The advantages of using a custom eyelash box are as follows:
Setting partitions makes it easy to sort eyelashes into different categories; Putting on a helmet is made easier by designating a certain spot for it; The fake eyelashes are clamped between the first and second placement plates once the first and second putting plates have been set. The artificial eyelashes may be fastened to the clamp plate to prevent them from flying about and to make application simpler; Users may save time getting ready with the help of strategically placed mirrors; When the buffer rod is in place, the spring may be compressed when the storage box is hit, acting as a shock absorber; Locking the container and its lid is a breeze after you locate the lock catch and lock slot for your artificial eyelashes.

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