How To Select Men's Cologne Or Fragrance In 2021
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How To Select Men’s Cologne Or Fragrance In 2021

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A popular cologne is now a favorite love of boys and men. Cologne and fragrance can not only enhance personal charisma but also keep oneself clean and tidy. So many people may want to know which one to give to your male friends when buying perfumes? Next, we are here to show you how to choose the right perfume for men. As well as how to pick the best cologne in 2021 and cologne box packaging.


Select Men’s Cologne According To Scene

It is a good thing to wear the same cologne all the time, and it is wise to use different fragrances. Choose the cologne that suits your scene and enjoy more fragrances. If you are a businessman, it’s easy to like the intellectual and calm impression, such as herbs and wood elements.

In addition, it is a kind of Citrus aroma, which is usually very popular among people and is often used in business, but the citrus aroma can give people a casual impression, so it can be said that it is the scene of your choice. On business occasions, there may be freshness, but men can look gorgeous enough to wear perfume. Therefore, in business situations, “sharp”, “smart”, “trust” and “calm”.


  • Dating Scene

In this scenario, you can spend time and enjoy the smell you like. You can try to add an attractive, sensual or sweet smell that is different from the business environment. As for dating, we can’t say it without any conditions, because it can get along well with others, but for couples, we also love to consider compatibility and collocation with her cologne. This is an advanced technology, but if you are used to cologne, please enjoy it.


  • Relaxing Time

We recommend a light, natural and soft odor. In particular, the aroma of citrus fruits such as grapefruit has a relaxing effect, so you should feel relaxed during the rest time. For example, even if you’re busy and don’t have time to travel, you can change your mind by wearing a resort like fragrance. If you share the same smell with your family and enjoy it, you will feel United. If you are at home, it is recommended to use aromatherapy candles besides cologne. In addition to adding perfume, it is best to add room fragrances and aromatherapy candles at home.


Select Men’s Cologne According To The Season 

There are four seasons and the smell you feel good depends on the season. For example, in wet summer, the fragrance of vanilla will leave a deep impression, while in the middle of winter, the fragrance will leave a cold impression.


  • Spring

Spring is the season of germination. The trees are covered with fresh green and colorful flowers are in full bloom. Floral fragrance = floral and herbal fragrance, which makes you feel fresh and green.


  • Summer

Summer in Japan is very hot and humid, so the fresh aroma with fresh and light aroma is impressive. Also this season, refreshing citrus and ocean fragrance make you feel the sea and waterside look good.


  • Autumn

Autumn, the day will become colder and colder, this is you can enjoy the astringent season. We suggest that you use woody, Oriental and mature aromas such as Davidoff Cool Water Man . It’s a cologne made by Swiss brand Davidoff. The fragrance is fresh ocean fragrance. The former is composed of sea water and lavender, with sandalwood and jasmine in the middle, followed by cedar and tobacco.


  • Winter

Recommend the cologne with an attractive feeling in the winter season. In winter, you can fully enjoy the rich and sweet smell. In addition, the delicacy of Gourmand is known as its aroma. Its pungent aroma and autumn wood aroma also look good. The essence varies with temperature, so the flavors suitable for each season are different. Try to choose the aroma of the season, so as not to give people a hasty.


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