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International Transport Packaging: Everything You Need To Know About

40 views Published by September 4, 2021

What do you know about international transport packaging? When you order something online shopping, the delivery will always come with a mailer box, folding box or more packaging. Basically, not many orders will be delivered without packaging. In general, everything is wrapped with packaging when it is transported.

Packaging plays an important role to ensure ship cargo is protected until it is received. In Japan, it is normal for cargo to be delivered safely without issue. However, circumstances are different for domestic cargo and international cargo. Let’s take a look at the packaging and what you need to be careful with when planning to send cargo overseas.

International Transport

When it comes to international transport, sometimes cargoes are handled carelessly. For example, do you know on occasions that suitcases are broken after they are left the airport when flying internationally? Some people said that the wheels of their suitcase went missing overseas regardless of what and whose luggage they handle, they handle the goods carelessly. It is basic knowledge to keep air cargo packaging light and sea cargo packaging strong.

When using wood, ensure that you check the regulations for using wooden materials in an exporting country. There are more countries where we cannot import without using woods that are heat-treated or fumigated and have approved marking. We may be transporting harmful bugs to other countries without fumigating wooden materials. Therefore, it is very important to follow these regulations


Packaging For Air Cargo & Sea Cargo Packaging

Airfreight for air cargo is calculated by weight or volume weight. As it reduces the freight by reducing the packaging weight, we tend to choose lighter packaging materials. The main packaging used for air transportation is carton cardboard and wood.


Special Cardboard

It is not safe to use normal carton cardboard, which is used for domestic transportation. A freight forwarder often uses double-walled cartons, which are referred to as double cartons. A double carton contains two layers of corrugated cardboard with liner boarding between them. They have double the thickness of normal cartons, normally we use double-wall cartons, and depending on the contents, three layered cartons called drywall cartons may be used, when shipping by air wooden packaging is used for fragile precision machinery and heavy cargo to ensure it cannot move during transportation.


Packaging For Sea Shipment

When lashing is not firmly fixed for sea shipment, the cargo may move when they are being lifted on the vessel or during sea transport. For large cargo, we need to choose the tougher packaging for cargo safety, and we also need to consider the water leaks during transportation. With LCL, as a variety of cargo is loaded into the same container, individual cargos need to be packed for double stacking. Otherwise, they may not accept the cargo by CFS. Also in Thailand CFS, may process their work outside and not inside the warehouse. It is okay when it’s the dry season. But when it’s the rainy season, they may have a sudden squall in the cargo may get wet for a short period.


Common Problem For Container

The most common problem for container transport is condensation. Condensation happens mainly during winter, and we often hear the cartons get wet by the container wall. In addition to this, it is a rare case. But when they load a container onto a vessel, the gantry crane operator can make a mistake and create a hole in the container which allows rainwater to enter.


Machinery Packing

When transporting machinery barriers, packaging is often used. Barrier packaging is a vacuum packing method. A material called barrier metal is used to prevent moisture getting through. The product is packed with a drying agent using a vacuum cleaner-like machine, it sucks the air out from the inside bag. In addition to this, they are packed with a wooden crate or drywall. A vessel traveling towards Southeast Asia will experience different temperature and humidity conditions. Therefore, to prevent rust and mold, these cargoes will be shipped in a vacuum state.


Wood Packing Material

There are different varieties of wooden packaging such as living trees, veneer, and is number 15 treated wood veneer is not treated as wooden material for exporting material. It is categorized as processed wood that is glued together, and it will not need to be fumigated. A veneer is cheap, and it is not treated like wood, therefore it is an excellent form for packaging material. However, it is not load-bearing, so you need to be careful when using veneers for heavy cargo.


Closed Boxes

Closed boxes are often used in general. All sides of cubic walls are covered with wood, and you are unable to see the contents. A disadvantage of using this box is that we have to open this box for customs inspection when sending expensive products. A closed box may be chosen for anti-theft purposes, which is an advantage of this packaging.


Open Crate

The open crate is called a crate. There are gaps between wooden packaging and you can see the contents. The advantage of using a crate is it is lighter.


Palette Packing

Pallets are made of plastic or wood and the cargo is placed on top. Products are packed into cartons and placed onto a pallet, then they are shrink-wrapped or bundled. If the cargo is loaded outside a pallet, it will cause friction between other cargos, therefore it is recommended to choose a larger pallet to prevent cargo to get damaged.


Skid Packing

A skid is framed with the size of the cargo. It is important to adjust the size of the packaging to the actual cargo to minimize the fare. However, it normally takes time to pack and this increases the packing cost. When sending smaller parts you may want to use a box you prepared in advance and when sending larger parts, you may want to use a pallet or a skid.


Packaging may sound easy for international logistics, however, there is much more to it. Packaging has an important role to transport cargo safely. There are options to use returnable packaging for environmental reasons these days. You may want to review your packaging method using this opportunity.


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