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Luxury Lid & Bottom Boxes, Drawer Box, Heart Shape Box, Round Box And More – Kali Printing

29 views Published by January 12, 2021

There are various packing box products on the current markets, from gift boxes to cosmetic boxes thousands of them are dazzling. Are you struggling to choose the right packing box? Here we introduce you to the most luxury box packaging at Kali Printing so that you can wholesale the best quality box products at cost-effective prices.


What Luxury Boxes Are Available At Kali Printing?

The common structure of high-end gift boxes, from the structure of the lid and bottom combination, embedded box combination box, left and right open and close door type, book type package combination. These types lay the foundation of the basic structure of the unique design box, in the basic framework, the designers developed a variety of types, the product packaging pasted cool coat, the following will the list of box types that with luxury packaging box design that sells at Kali Printing.


1. Lid and Bottom Box

Round Chocolate Cookie Gift Boxes
Round Chocolate Cookie Gift Boxes

The utility model is composed of a cover box and a bottom box. As a matter of fact, there’s a unique rabbit on the lid and bottom packaging is a symbol of purity, kindness and elegance on behalf of Chinese traditional myth. This qualified round chocolate lid and bottom box are suitable for containing chocolates, cookies and candies. Both practical and elegant, the decorative top and bottom box is ideal for you to wholesale, in order to promote your products.


2. Heart Shape box


The heart-shaped symbol is used on all occasions to express love, and the luxury gift heart shaped box is one of the most commonly used boxes when giving gifts and storage. Heart shape chocolate box, heart shape candy box, heart shape eyeshadow palette for sale at Kali you can enjoy qualified products, professional offset printing technology, what’s more, very durable and tough during transportation. Custom heart shape gift boxes are available in different sizes, colors and patterns.

3. Tube box

Rigid Tissue Roubd Tube Box
Rigid Tissue Roubd Tube Box

Kali tube boxes packaging that will stand out and draw more people’s attention. It protects the products inside and easy to carry. Printed cardboard paper tube box is made by wrapping artwork, you will be able to apply premium finishes such as hot foil stamping with gold, silver or other colors on the custom tube boxes. Or buy wholesale ready-made paper tubes with luxury design and fast delivery at Kali.

4. Drawer Box

Drawer boxes are the perfect solutions to organize your things. The box with drawer function can be opened easily by pulling the drawer box. Affordable and versatile tube packaging provides unrivaled performance and flexibility.

5. Round Box

Round Box With Ribbon
Round Box With Ribbon

The box shape is round or oval, and most of them are of the structure of earth and sky cover box. Kali has been manufacturing round gift boxes for years, and we offer all customers a wide range of options for round candy box, round shape chocolate box and round apparel box. What’s more, you can custom round boxes with your imagination, and we will help you to make it happen.

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