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Packaging Color Select Guide – Which Color To Choose For Your Product Packaging Box?

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When you create custom packaging boxes & bags for your product, you may be entangled in the choice of color. Which color of packaging box is more attractive to your target customers? Then in this guide, KALI takes you in-depth understanding of the importance and special significance of packaging colors. Read carefully, this will help you choose the right packaging color that is most beneficial to your product.


Colour Of Custom Packaging Boxes & Bags

Packaging color is vital to thousands of companies. Brands use the psychology of color through packaging box or bag to attract their audience in order to increase the sale of their products. Likewise, color helps customers to identify their brand, gives them confidence and, on the other hand, helps them identify whether the product has the necessary quality or not. What’s more, customers can position a brand within the top of mind simply with the color of the packaging. How important is each color? What does each of them mean? We will explain it to you below.

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The Importance of Packaging Color

Properly using colors can help companies increase their sales and deepen the connection with their customers. Brands want to convey by color a feeling of the product. There is no single color language, so colors can be used for different purposes.

However, companies must be very attentive to the culture of the user they are targeting and the psychological factors that characterize the different targets. That companies are wrong in choosing color can be a big mistake for packaging. It is therefore vital that organizations have a branding strategy that allows them to channel an identity on the right path.

What Is The Mission of All Colors in Custom Packaging Design?

  1. Attract the attention of users who are potential consumers of the product, presenting the packaging differently. Opting for the original and groundbreaking ideas that enhance the chosen color is ideal.
  2. Create an important visual impact by psychology with the selected color.
  3. Maintain customer service for as long as possible. The goal, materialize the purchase.

Color is considered not only as a symbol, but also as an emotion, so companies must take into account different studies before choosing one color range or another. In fact, 85% of consumers say that color is the main reason for buying a product, so companies take this fact into account.

Color increases recognition by 80%, being related, as we mentioned before, with the loyalty and trust of consumers towards the brand. Companies must rely on digital tools specialized in color management. Many organizations use progressive levels of tools to support and provide greater precision.

Especially when the product can be sold to the final consumer in areas with uncontrolled light, the color must be managed appropriately. This aspect must be taken into account since it influences the observation that the customer can make of the product and the color of the packaging.


The Most Commonly Used Colors On Packaging Box & Bags

There are many colors from which you can choose and each of them provides a different feeling. The emotion and feelings that each color gives off is changed depending on the context. Sometimes the same color can reinforce or attenuate messages only by the product in which it is embodied. The color connotations of the colors, according to the experts, are as follows:


It denotes passion and energy. It is a very intense color, which stimulates creativity and heart batito. However, there are different shades and each with its nuance. It is used to boost sales. Used in the food industry, as well as brands that want to highlight their importance or leadership.


It’s a favorite for men. It gives security and strength to a brand. It represents peace, calm and serenity. In addition, it increases productivity and finds no negative feelings associated with it.


Yellow stimulates mental processes. It represents optimism and youth, so it is used to attract attention. It can be used to give alert messages.

Black and White

White represents purity and innocence, although it is hardly the favorite for 2% of the population. Black, for his part, conveys strength and luxury. Therefore, its combination can be very powerful in packaging.


Orange can represent friendly, reliable and cheerful brands, reflecting excitement, quality and enthusiasm. It’s great for young people.


It’s one of the most exciting. It’s not extremist in the positive or the negative. In addition, it can be influenced by other types of colors.


It’s a women’s favorite. It is ideal for intimate or beauty products. It denotes success, wealth, wisdom and tranquility.


The color gamut is vital in the design of a packaging. It is vital that you carry out a previous study of each potential customer to choose the ideal packaging color for each product. Now you should know what color packaging to choose for your product. If you always have doubts, don’t worry, please contact KALI, our designer will give you the best suggestion for your custom packaging box.

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