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Perfume Bottle Design Guide 2022 – Tips & Ticks To Design Fragment Glass Bottles

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When industrial designers design perfume bottles, they often separate perfume bottles as a single product. But in fact, a good perfume bottle design should be combined with perfume design, because bottles are just carriers, perfume is the real leading role. So every high-quality perfume is a unique perfume bottle design, but a perfume bottle is served for perfume. It is designed according to the characteristics of perfume and various perfume factors. The perfume concept contained in perfume bottles is the essence of the perfume bottle design. In this perfume bottle design guide 2022, we talk about the design elements of the perfume bottles and the design method of perfume bottles.

Perfume Bottle Design Guide 2022 – Tips & Ticks To Design Fragment Glass Bottles

The perfume bottle design now has more and more artistic temperament. The crystal clear bottle body is like a beautiful glass bottle. For some collectors, the flavor of the fragrance comes second, and the bright appearance that people fall in love with at first sight is the reason to attract them to spend a lot of money. What are the elements of perfume bottle design? The following one will take you to learn more.



The shape of perfume bottles has been quite rich today. In addition to square, round, heart-shaped, crescent-shaped, conical, inverted trapezoid, and other shapes that can be described, there are many shapes that are too strange to be described in words.



The color of perfume bottles is extremely rich, usually light-colored, especially light lemon yellow, because lemon yellow matches most of the color of the perfume, and can give people a fresh and refreshing feeling.



Generally speaking, the earlier the perfume bottle is produced, the more valuable it is to collect and appreciate. In the first century BC, a la glass style perfume bottle. 50-150 A.D. Amethyst bottle; Blown glass cans of the first century A.D. From them, we can feel the real “lasting fragrance”.


Scientific and technological elements

Now, more and more perfume bottle packaging design uses concise and abstract expression methods, which makes the whole perfume box feels simple and modern. At the same time, it uses all kinds of high-tech elements. If you just released the “Jennifer Lopes vitality lady perfume”, its shape is the one and only when you lift it up and spin it in the sunshine quickly, you will be surprised to see the seven color beam flashing on the bottle, the color ribbon on the bottle is winding and dancing, the violet metal ring is contrasting with the perfume logo.



Perfume bottles from different origins record different customs and feelings, and they can feel different cultures. The oldest perfume in the world discovered in Cyprus is simply installed in a humble pottery jar. The exotic butterfly lady perfume bottle is more magnificent, revealing the mysterious atmosphere of the ancient oriental country.



Elegant, elegant perfume bottles play a decisive role in attracting women’s visual attention. The surface of the carved flowers, the beautiful flowers, the bottle caps, of them should also be decorated with hand binding ties so that the visual art of perfume bottles and the smell art of perfume has the same appreciation value.



The modern perfume bottle manufacturing industry is developed along with the glass crystal manufacturing industry. Therefore, glass and crystal are the main raw materials of the modern perfume bottle design. In addition, porcelain, enamel, and so on are also used to make perfume bottles. Of course, the overall effect is also related to modeling, color, and decoration.


The bottle itself is an exquisite handicraft, carefully recording the story behind the perfume. It is just like the outer garment of perfume on your body. The quality of your clothes directly affects your first impression of a perfume. KALI glass bottle manufacturer provides creative services such as wine bottle design, packaging design and product appearance design.

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