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Top 5 Eco-friendly Food Packaging Ideas for Your Desserts will Boost Your Food Sales

44 views Published by May 11, 2022

You have already decided to start your dessert and jelly business to sell, but you still do not know how to pack your desserts to sell them in an environmentally friendly way. Keep reading and know 5 ecological ideas to make it and sell your desserts successfully.

Heart Shaped Chocolate Candy Gift Boxes
Heart Shaped Chocolate Candy Gift Boxes

Top 5 Eco-friendly Food Packaging Ideas will Boost Your Dessert Sales

The way you package your desserts and jellies to sell will directly influence the opinion of a customer. This is why we will give you 5 ecological ideas to pack your preparations and you can sell them with your personal seal. Get to know them:


  1. Cardboard packaging

Some cardboard packaging is tailor-made for classic plastic packaging. Therefore, we know that there is an option to sell each type of dessert in an ecological way, the only thing missing is creativity. For example, use a biodegradable burger joint to serve your slices of cake or cookies.


  1. Reuse glass jars

In Mexico it is very common to keep glass jars when we run out of jam or honey. You can take this as an opportunity to sell your desserts in a reusable container. Wash them and disinfect them very well and use them to sell your jellies or mousse. You can even add a personal touch to your jars, such as a ribbon of your brand’s color or your business name with paint.


  1. Biodegradable plastic

Plastic is known to be a material that takes a long time to decompose. For this reason, biodegradable plastics can be a good option to pack your cakes, pays, cupcakes and more. Research the best option to sell your desserts and get your biodegradable plastic packaging.


  1. Natural cotton fabric

If you’re selling your desserts in a place where you deliver your product directly to the consumer, wrapping some desserts with cotton cloth is another option to recycle. You can pack cookies or pancakes in this way, since, during the production of fabrics, fewer toxins are produced. The only thing we must emphasize is that you make sure that this fabric is always very clean.


  1. Bamboo cups

Great for selling your jellies and custards, bamboo cups will save your life by introducing your biodegradable packaging. There are many types, so experiment for the one you like the most and it suits your needs.


Extra: No bag please!

If it is not vital to deliver your orders in a bag, do not add another bag (even if it is biodegradable) to the garbage pile. In addition to saving you resources, you will be helping with a grain of sand to reduce the garbage that is generated.

Now that you know some biodegradable and ecological packaging to sell your jellies and desserts, there is no longer an excuse to start selling in a more ecological and empathetic way with the planet.

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