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Top 5 Most Important Packaging Tips for Start-Up E-Commerce & Small Home Business

61 views Published by June 30, 2022

As a start-up no matter small e-commerce business or a home business, you face many exciting challenges. In addition to legal hurdles, the development of a website or an online shop, and the right marketing idea, the focus is primarily on the product.

When it comes to product packaging and placement, many start from scratch. What should founders pay attention to when it comes to packaging? Here are the most important tips for the perfect packaging.


1) Standard or Custom Packaging?

Custom packaging with an extraordinary closing mechanism, unusual material selection, or additional “gimmicks” such as ribbons or multiple finishes would fit well with the product? This is where clever consideration is crucial: How much extravagance does the product packaging need to stand out at the point of sale? How packaging-savvy is the target group? Does extravagant packaging even strengthen customer loyalty, which leads to long-term customer relationships? On the other hand, a young company usually doesn’t have much budget left over for packaging. In addition, the first batch is often still relatively low, so the unit costs are all the higher for packaging. A good compromise in this case can lead to an individual.

Folding Boxes, are perfectly adapted to the product in terms of dimensions and still remain cost-effective.

The advantages of custom folding boxes are manifold:

  • No unnecessary packaging material thanks to the accuracy of fit
  • No additional filling material is required – cost savings
  • Folding boxes can be set up individually – keeping shipping and storage costs to a minimum
  • A wide range of customization options even on a low budget: viewing window, suspension, noble finishing, unusual design even inside the box


2) Packaging Material

Depending on the product, a variety of materials are suitable for packaging: From metal cans to corrugated cardboard to PVC, the materials offer different advantages and disadvantages. However, consumers have become more sensitive and aware, especially in the field of packaging. Unnecessary plastic packaging is rated negatively; alternative packaging materials, on the other hand, are almost expected and very well received, especially by young start-ups.

In the folding carton industry, there have been some new developments in recent years that can be used. For example, many manufacturers take care to source sustainable materials and reduce their own ecological footprint. Luxury-Paper-Boxes.Com also strives for sustainable production at various levels.


3) Save Costs

After a long product development process, there is often not much budget available for packaging shortly before market launch. In this situation, how do start-ups obtain packaging that is as cost-effective as possible, but still high-quality? Especially with different product variations, for example, a soap in three different fragrances, there are nice ways to benefit from economies of scale:

An edition for different varieties: The unit prices of packaging are mainly based on the total circulation. The designs of different varieties should therefore be designed in such a way that they differ only in color and name. This makes it possible to order a total edition, which is split into different varieties. Lower unit costs and less effort when ordering!

Upgrading unprinted packaging:

It is even easier to use simple, unbranded packaging that is individualized with printed labels or banderols. This option is suitable not only for different varieties but also for seasonal product variations or new product launches.

A packaging for different sets:

Bag boxes are the insider tip when it comes to multi-part sets that are not particularly delicate. Thanks to the beveled sides on the closure, the packaging offers some “air upwards” in terms of filling quantity. Sets of different sizes can thus be packed in the same bag box. Branding in the form of a label, and the different packaging is ready!


4) Security Packaging

In search of further savings potential, many young companies do without an additional inlay in the packaging, because inlays are usually individually designed and therefore require further investment in terms of packaging. Here, however, it is essential to consider all possible – also future – follow-up costs. If the products are sold via an online shop, they must be shipped to the customers with shipping service providers.

In the case of delicate products that have not been safely stowed away in a protective inlay, the risk is high that a certain proportion of customers will contact us again and complain about the condition of the ordered product, even demanding the money back. The risk of customer migration plus the organizational effort for the return transport must be taken into account here. It can be easier and ultimately more cost-effective to order an individual inlay.


5) Consider All Packaging

In particular, newly founded companies sell their products mainly via the Internet, be it on sales platforms or their own online shop. In addition to the primary packaging, the shipping packaging must therefore also be considered, because the unpacking experience begins at the door, which the customer may or may not remember.

A loving design and printing of the shipping box or mailer box in conjunction with an appealing presentation of the product inside the box remains in the memory of the customers as a positive brand experience.

But again, the accuracy of fit should be considered – oversized shipping packaging is usually rated as extremely negative and can also lead to damage to the product.

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