What Are The Advantage Of Paper Box & Bag Packaging?
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What Is The Advantage Of Paper Box & Bag Packaging?

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The four pillars of modern packaging are paper, plastic, metal and glass. What people advocate is environment-friendly consumption. Reusing resources can not only reduce the consumption of resources, but also achieve the goal of economic development and environmental protection. Therefore, even in the fierce competition of packaging materials, especially under the strong impact of plastic packaging materials, paper packaging materials are still valued by people, and constantly develop new products. It can be predicted that, whether now or in the future, paper packaging materials will be a dominant packaging material. Next, we will carefully explain the advantages of paper packaging, it’s convenient for you to choose the best paper bags & boxes packaging for your products.

What Is The Advantage Of Paper Box & Bag Packaging?

According to the National Health Organization and environmental protection experts, the use of plastic food bags will be gradually banned in the current market, and non-toxic and harmless all paper environmental protection shopping bags will be used in future shopping. The main reason is that paper is easy to decompose, that is, it can be recycled into paper or used as plant fertilizer, and it can reduce air pollution and purify the environment. As a packaging material, paper packaging material has incomparable advantages over other packaging materials: for example, it has a wide range of sources and relatively cheap price; it has good elasticity and toughness, has a good protective effect on the packaged materials, and is suitable for mechanized operation; at the same time, paper packaging materials also have good adaptability, and can be recycled and reused. Below we will list all the advantages of paper box & bag packaging

  1. Small flexibility, immature heat effect, has better stability than plastic products, can make packaging keep better mechanized operation.
  2. It has good opacity and barrier to meet the packaging needs of some products
  3. With slight static electricity, it can pack flour products and high-speed online packaging
  4. It can provide a complete printing range according to the standard, such as benzene glue printing, photogravure printing, offset printing, and has controllable tearing property that allows the product to breathe.
  5. Degradable and recyclable
  6. Waste will not pollute the environment, can be turned into fertilizer
  7. It can be burned for energy
  8. The paper-based composite structure packaging material can separate the recycled packaging waste according to its composite structure, making each layer of various materials and various products the lightest.
  9. Paper packaging can use the cheapest ink and binder, such as water-soluble glue and nonsolvent or low solvent amount of ink can be coated on the paper.


Where To Find The Best Paper Box & Bag?

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