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Where To Find The Best Custom Box Packaging For Your Hair Business

41 views Published by May 31, 2021

These are always a good thing to have packaging-wise for your hair business. Where to purchase the best box or bags for your hair extension company? If you are outside the hair industry and sell clothing, chocolate, jewelry, flower or candy, instead of hair. You can use the same as the company, they sell apparel boxes, chocolate boxes, candy boxes, jewelry boxes and every packaging you need.  Do you want to have an attractive wig box packaging that can elevate the sales of your hair prosthetics? Here, let’s check what extension box packaging you will need for your hair, whilst the best hair box vendor to start your hair business.


3 Hair Extension Boxes

Wig Bags

The first essential you need when you starting a hair business, you will need some type of satin wigs bags that you can put hair extensions, hairpieces, and wigs in, whether you are selling clip in, bundles, human hair extensions, Synthetic ponytail and all styles of wigs. Wig bags can store your short, long, straight, wavy, curly hair extensions, will keep your hair clean, completely neat, tangle-free, prevent dust and moisture. You can order hair extension bags from Amazon or Alibaba, there is various kind of wig hair extension storage bag available in different color and sizes. You can pink whatever colors go with your brand. Or you are looking for hair extension bags with a logo on them, custom your own design or find a professional design for your brand.


Hair Extension Box

Protect styles and curls of wigs is important during packaging. With sturdy cardboard long wigs boxes, you can put your wigs straight in it to sustain its style. At the same time, a well-designed wig box with a personalized print can express the gorgeous looks you can get to your consumers after wearing your headwear. What you need for a hair extension box is good stamping, altered printing, and solidness. The diversity in style and designs of hair extension boxes makes them stand out from the rest of the packaging items.


Wig Folding Box

Whether you are putting hair extensions in a bag or a box, you will need a wig folding box during transportation. A foldable box is an eco-friendly paper packaging container widely used in packing food, cosmetic and hair extensions. These boxes usually have tuck flaps on one or both ends of the box and can store fragile wigs and any hair extensions.  The quality of the foldable paper box is very durable and tough and can keep the wig product safe. One of the great things about the folding cartoon wig box is that can be fully customized with print on the outside and inside of the box, giving you the best storyboard to share your brand.


Best Hair Extension Box Vendor – Luxurypaperbox.com

Luxury-Paper-Box.Com is a professional hair extension box vendor in China that allows you to wholesale the appropriate custom hair extension box for wigs, hair closings, hair spray, hair oil and many other items. Our luxurious hair extension boxes vary in many forms and sizes, and clients can see the actual product inside, which is extremely useful and beautiful. Be sure to check it out on luxurypaperbox.com, we provide top-notch printing boxes with which you can push your customer to opt for a new look with your hair extension wigs. If you need to add information about color or extension type to these custom designed wig boxes, please share your ideas with our professional team through email: [email protected]


Our Hot Sell Wig Box

No. 1 Flip Top Hair Bundle Packaging Boxes

This custom printer human-made hair tissue package with magnetic closure and inserted tray, made of high-quality rigid carton, provides stable strength and security for your storage requirements. Kali provides a comprehensive personalization control, allowing you to discover the size, style, color and inserts that best suit your demands. Our 100% customizable foldable hair extension boxes give a striking sense of refinement to your hair business.

Rigid Cardboard Virgin Hair Extension Packaging


NO. 2 Collapsible Hair Weave Packaging Boxes

For hair weaves, bundles, and other hair extensions, this black rigid hair packing box with a magnetic clasp is the appropriate storage choice. For optimum security, inserted separating boxes and strong magnetic closures were used. Select the style and form of the hair extension boxes you want. With our bespoke packaging solutions, we can deliver on time and on budget.

Black Foldable Hair Weave Packaging Boxes


NO. 3 Clear Window Hair Extension Packaging Box

This adorable hair extension paper packaging will wow everyone at first sight. Because it includes a glass, you can easily see through the Kali pink wrapping box and know what is within. Additionally, hair extension packaging that utilizes robust and strong square material may effectively protect your hair extensions from dust.

Wholesale Clear Window Hair Extension Foldable Packaging Box



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