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Which 12 Valentine’s Days Do We Have In A Year?

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The choice of love gifts is not only between lovers but also between husband and wife, lovers and the first date of people who are about to fall in love. The occasion of giving gifts is nothing more than daily and festivals. Besides festivals, birthday gifts, wedding anniversary gifts, Tanabata, and Valentine’s Day are essential. In recent years, several popular Valentine’s days on the Internet seem to keep pace with the real Valentine’s Day.  In this article, we are going to know every 12 Valentine’s days we have in a year.

Diary Valentine’s Day (January 14)

English is (diary day), January 14. On this day, couples will give each other enough diaries to record their love affairs for a whole year, which symbolizes that they will go through the next year hand in hand and leave more beautiful memories. At the beginning of the new year, you should have a confession and plan for the people you like, write them in your diary and sow the seeds of love in your heart. This day’s love gift is a white rose: its flower language: 1. Respect 2. Unnoticed beauty 3. Honesty 4. Pure love 5. Willing to give everything for you 6. Nobility 7. Wisdom 8. Purity, innocence 9. I’m enough to match you


Valentine’s Day (February 14)

On this day, lovers give gifts to each other to express love or friendship. Today, Cupid, the heart shot by an arrow, and so on have become the characteristic symbols of Valentine’s Day. The time and characteristics of the festival are different. February 14 of each year is Western Valentine’s Day. The seventh day of July of the lunar calendar is China’s Tanabata Festival, also known as “Chinese Valentine’s Day”.


White Valentine’s Day (March 14)

White Valentine’s Day is also called return Valentine’s Day. It is considered to be a continuation of Western Valentine’s Day. Usually, on February 14, one party gives gifts, while on March 14, the other party returns gifts. On this day, handmade cookies and mints are white Valentine’s Day? The former represents the tenderness, consideration, and love of girls to boys, while the latter is used as a pledge of love from boys to girls to express “I love you and want to be with you”


Black Valentine’s Day (April 14)

April 14 of each year is “black day”, which belongs to singles. On this day, people who plan to celebrate the festival will let themselves live in a 100% black world, wear black suits, black hats, and black leather shoes, eat noodles made of black beans, drink coffee without creamer, and enjoy the bitter and astringent flavor of black coffee. According to tradition, single men and women eat fried noodles mixed with black sauce on this day, hence the name “black Valentine’s Day”.


Rose Valentine’s Day (May 14)

As we all know, roses symbolize love, but not every rose, every color of rose symbolizes love. May 14, the birthday of roses, is the most representative festival of roses. Although there are red roses on this day, it is no longer a gift given by lovers or lovers to each other. It may be just classmates, friends, office colleagues, and strange neighbors… These quietly sent roses can not let the recipient know who sent them, but fully express the meaning of the sender, Talk, confess, say goodbye, test.

Kiss Valentine’s Day (June 14)

Kiss day. The day of love, the day when people in love enhance their feelings in summer, maybe your first kiss was exchanged with each other on this day, or you swear because of the occasional meteor shower on this day. Maybe a caressing love is the change of your life.


Silver Valentine’s Day (July 14)

July 14 is the silver day. It is a good opportunity to take your favorite home to meet your parents or introduce them to other elders you respect. Of course, all the expenses of this day are paid by these “lovely elders”, but you’d better make sure that your elders are familiar with this festival first. Silver Valentine’s Day is also a day for lovers to give each other silver gifts and accessories. The traditional custom is to get engaged with a silver ring, so today you also buy a pair and wear them on your hands as a witness of your sweet mood.


Green Valentine’s Day (August 14)

August 14 is the Green Day, which is called green Valentine’s Day. Of course, it has something to do with the lush forest. In the hot summer afternoon, you might as well take a refreshing and fresh forest trip with your partner, enjoy the outdoor nature and have a healthy and happy day. Those who are still looking for a lover can attend the soju party and spend the noisy indoor green Valentine’s Day.

On this day, take green roses as love gifts

  • 1 green rose represents only love you;
  • 2 green roses represent love you as loving the earth;
  • 3 green roses my love is like the universe.


Photo Valentine’s Day (September 14)

Photo Valentine’s Day is September 14, because many couples like to take a group photo in this blue and sunny sky. Photo Valentine’s Day is also called music Valentine’s Day. It is a day for holding large-scale social activities and singing and dancing. It is also a good opportunity to introduce your sweetheart to friends and colleagues. Single people can take this opportunity to see if there are any favorite objects at the event. The gift of this day is a blue rose.

The flower language of blue rose:

  • 1 flower language: staying together is a commitment
  • 2 flower language: meeting is a kind of fate. The intersection of hearts makes us have endless romantic feelings;
  • 3 flower language: you are my deepest love


Wine Valentine’s Day (October 14)

On October 14, wine day, lovers SIP grape wine to celebrate the poetic autumn. Usually, the young couple will choose to have dinner in a romantic and chic restaurant, and then talk about each other’s plans for the future and common goals.


Orange Valentine’s Day (November 14)

Orange Valentine’s Day, also known as the film Valentine’s Day. November 14 every year, the third day after Singles’ Day. In fact, there is no legend about this festival, but generally, at this time, when both men and women are lonely, or one of them feels lonely, they can rightfully find their favorite on this day, but they can’t come together, or they have been in love and unfortunately separated, or the person who is single and double in love, accompany yourself to the cinema to see a movie that you have been looking forward to for a long time or worth remembering, find the feeling in the dreamland or have seen a movie together, and the end of the movie will announce the end of the date. There is no dinner, no romance, some may be relieved or sad… Couples can catch two movies in a row on this day, and after watching it, have a glass of orange juice.


Hug Valentine’s Day (December 14)

On December 14, you can hug your lover as long as you want. Hug in public, announce your love to the world, and make the cold winter especially warm. Especially those sweet lovers who celebrated Valentine’s Day on February 14 can still hug warmly at the end of the year, which also witnessed their love as before. Hug Valentine’s Day is also called campus Valentine’s Day, which is a folk saying at present. The origin of this campus Valentine’s Day remains to be verified.


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