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Why use eco friendly packaging?

1,416 views Published by October 23, 2020


In the 21st century, as society advances, people’s quality of life is improving, the packaging requirements for product packaging are getting higher and higher. Not only requiring the packaging of goods to be beautiful, economical, practical, but also gradually need to make sure their product meet the requirements of environmental  protection. Although in recent years, many merchants have begun to realize this problem.

What is eco friendly packaging?

In general, green packaging should have the following points: First, material saving, less waste, energy and resource saving; Second, easy to be recycled; Third, no secondary pollution; Fourth, this product is biodegradable, it’s environmental pollution.

How to develop eco friendly packaging in 2019?

Choose the eco friendly packaging  materials. Paper is the most popular green packaging material currently. The paper has good characteristics, a wide range of raw materials, and is easily degradable in the natural. It can be used for recycled paper and plant fertilizer.


Minimize the types of materials

Simplified packaging production process and material selection, can effectively improve the recycling rate of packaging, KALI Paper Printing respond positively to the national green packaging,  developed multiple type of green packagings.

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